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How to Restore the new Android Phone to your previous Android Phone

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Upgrading to the new device is always very fascinating one as user gets the fresh, fast and more powerful device than previous one. But user may face the changed setup or image in newer one. Using the previous Phone, user may want to get back the previous status as it is. But ho it is a big deal to do to bring back all of your previous data to your newer Phone including apps, contacts and settings.

How to Restore the new Android Phone to your previous Android Phone

Android Restore

If transferring the data to new Phone is just a fun for you than it is ok with you but if you are not familiar with the process of How to Restore the new Android Phone to your previous Android Phone than you need to focus on as this article will guide you to restore all of your data to your newer Phone with ease.

Android Restore

This article is specifically for the Rooted Phones, and for Non-Rooted (Stock) Phones, we will publish it in another post on AppsTeller.

Restore Your Data to your New Phone (Rooted):

If luckily your both old and new Android Phones are rooted, half of the process is already completed. There are so many benefits of Rooted Phone. After getting the Rooted Phone, you will in need of certain tools that depends upon the situation that whether you are moving towards the same new model or you have brought a complete new model device. Here are the two different cases:

How to Restore the new Android Phone to your previous Android Phone

New device with same Model:

Android Restore

Replacing the Phone with the same but new model is always easy, just exclude the SD Card from older one and put it to the newer one, but what you will really miss out is all the data you have on your old Phone on the internal memory of your Phone. Here you need to take an entire backup of your Phone, ROM, Data and all what internal memory has transferred the same to SD or Dropbox followed by the transfer to the new phone. Now Flash the new Phone with the image that you get from old Phone.

How to Restore the new Android Phone to your previous Android Phone


Here are the easy to follow steps:

  • You need to install the ROM Manager on both old and new Phone. Download it from Play Store.
  • You have to take “Backup Current ROM” by opening the ROM Manager to the older Phone. You have to give root access to the ROM Manager and a name to your Backup. Providing the both, the old Phone will reboot and begin the backup.
  • After backing-up the data, the Phone will reboot and data will be available on SD card
  • Now you have to transfer your files to your new Phone from SD card. Other options are transferring of backup data to Dropbox or connecting both Phones to PC and transfer the Backup to new Phone.
  • After completion of transfer, Open the ROM Manager on new Phone and  go for the “Manage and Restore Backups”. Here you have to select the backup file with the same name that you gave in your older Phone. This will lead to reboot the Phone, after reboot, you can find all of your data to the newer phone that were present on older phone.

Here one thing you should kept in mind that, the backing process will take the image of both phones assuming the same configuration, any significant change(s) between them or any problem(s) that was/were part of old phone will be part of new phone also. You should only do this if you’re wiping temporarily, or you’re moving to a replacement phone of the same model due to a hardware issue.

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