09 Apps You should have on your Android device

Android has become popular Operating system on both tablets and phones and one of the reason of its popularity nowadays is its wonderful apps. So here we have listed 09 famous apps, that I think you should have on your android phone or tablet.

1: CloudOn

cloud on

This app simply works as just like MS Office but now in your Android tablet Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and skydrive accounts. Other functions include File viewer and Adobe Reader can open and view any file with any type i.e. JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF etc. The facility to email your files and attachment to you partners, colleague, Employer, employees and contacts make this app best for any one with easy to use. This app gives you full access MS Office on your Android OS device, just like a virtual PC on your Android phone or tablet.

Download The App: CloudOn

2: Facebook


Social communication has become the common way of entertainment, fun and time passing, for such persons this app is best for them. It allows a user to share, updates, comments, with friends and family members, upload, download audio and video clips, chat either group wise private messages, playing games and even much more. This app is available for 13 and over age user adult.

Download the App: Facebook

3: Box


Using this app let you enable to access your files from anywhere in the world form you android device in a secure way. You can store data up to 5GB of data for free. Login use your files, transfer them and logout and your files are secure enough. Enjoy this free app.

You can

Have your presentation at your finger tip, can share your import files with your colleague, View updates to your spreadsheet, Comment on documents on the go.

Download The App: Box

4: Viki – TV, Movies & Music


This app is designed for global user. Anyone around the world can use this app for entertaining purpose, includes movies, music, famous TV shows and other superior content in such improved high quality that a user can enjoy using this app and translated in more than 150 worldly recognized languages, so entertainment is guaranteed.

A Viki app user can watch programs in native language, from anywhere can stream videos at any time through WiFi or 3G node, musical videos dubbed in native language, facility to watch videos with comments by Viki community, can watch classical Japanese anime, can watch American cartoons, Facebook Connectivity i.e. invite your friends and publish on your timeline, can share your favorites with friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email.

Download The App: Viki – TV, Movies & Music

5: Workout Trainer


This app helps to maintain the physical health. Whether you are gymnastic or doing bodyweight tricks at home or at park. This app is really helpful in this sense to get an attracting body using thousands of free workouts and premium workout programs. All these guidelines are instructed by certified trainers.

This app will help user in the following ways.

ON the headphones and follow along with audio instructions and progress cues
Instructional photos and videos will explain each move in detail
Complete free virtual fitness consultation wizard to explore new horizon
Easily create and edit workouts from your Android!
Add our home screen widget to see a new workout every day

Download The App: Workout Trainer

6: Evernote


A way to extend your memory, a famous note making app with so many attractive features that one will think just as the services of personal assistant P.A. New York Times mention it as one of “Top 10 must have application”. This app helps to improve productivity, save your ideas and launch when you required them. Search, capture and browse your notes from any device in your use. You can create a to-do list and task list, can save sync and share files, create and edit text notes, email notes and save tweet to Evernote account. While in premium account one can take notebooks offline to access at anytime, allows other to edit your notebooks and can apply a PIN code to your Evernote app.

Download The App: Evernote

7: Angry Bird.

angry bird

This app requires logical thinking, abilities to solve problems, and force to enforce rules. Utilize each bird to destroy the greedy pigs defenses who stole their eggs. Mighty Eagle is a one time in-app purchase that will helps you in this revenge for birds. This purchase will leads you to power boost up and three star-levels to unlock the secret content. In latest version the angry birds turns to three. So celebrate with 30 NEW LEVELS, birdday cake, and the bubbliest bird ever — Pink Bird! But watch out for the cake it likes a BIG punch!

Download The App: Angry Bird

8: Flickr


The best way to socialize your life through share of pictures. It is an official flickr app afterwards can post them to Twitter, Facebook and other social forums. The result of in-app camera will explore you through new quality of image graphics. User can enhance with custom filters and high resolution pictures looks even better than ever on tablet, PC etc. Get comments and stay up to-date with activities on your photos. Share with one you want with easy privacy setting, can get location data to keep track of your photo you take from anywhere, slide show for photos, full screen browsing and much more.

Download The App: Flickr

9: Expedia.


This app provides you the best Hotels deals through mobile with 60% off rates. Furthermore can find the best flight anywhere in the world, booking facility coming soon to tablets. You can see reviews from actual customer, price details, cheap hotel as well 5 star luxuries, after sign in process reserve your place within 30 seconds. Also one can book s flight anywhere around the world, can sort the places by location or price or duration instantly.

Download The App: Expedia

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