4 Tips to increase Battery Life of your iPad 4 you should Apply in daily routine

Indeed Tablets are becoming more popular than ever and the best Tablet around is regarded Apple iPad 4. According to its specification it has a very strong GPU and shipped with Quad Core Processor. Also it has LTE and retina display.
But it is the true fact that it consumes more battery than predecessor. On testify we found that the iPad consume its battery life just within 5 Hours while the iPad 2 last for 7 hours. This is indeed a problem for anyone. To solve this problem follow these tips as these tips are very handy and productive for you iPad.



  • Screen Brightness consumes more battery life and thus is one of the main reasons that eat a big portion of battery. So Double Click on the Home button followed by the tap to the left to adjust the brightness. Lower brightness will consume low amount of energy.
  • Location service also consumes battery of your iDevice, so you can save your battery life by disabling it. So tap to the Setting > Location Services and disable the service for such apps for which it is not necessary.
  • LTE also consumes a lot of battery so you can also decide to turn it off to save the battery life
  • It is the fact that when your iPad display its battery as fully charged the case is not the same thus you should plugged in even after it sows itself as fully charged. As the case is with many of Tablets and Phones, the devices are required to more charge. The new iPad 4 has been said to only have 90% charge even when it is saying you have 100%.

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