5 Android Apps you must try to maintain Your Fitness

A person with bad health and fitness can tell you better way how precious is having a fit and maintain body. You should make a workout plan to gain your fitness level and to maintain the stamina for a longer time, you should be stiff enough with your workout plan. Using your Android Phone to make a workout plan and to act upon it, this post includes 5 Android Apps for Fitness that will help you to maintain your fitness.

1: Endomondo Sports Tracker:

Endomondo Sports Tracker is a good to use apps as a coach guides its user step by step to ensure that the workout plan is working well. This app guides you to maintain you’re the record of your perform any exercise i.e. running, walking or cycling. Further the route map of this app will offer new places to include in your workout plan and also those activities set by others including your friends and strangers. To better your running, you can set a target by yourself or set by stranger. With such features in lieu of 2 Pounds, you will enjoy the features which are worth than any amount.

2: SleepBot:

Life is a gift of GOD and we should make our life a piece of an example for others. During our normal life, we pass 1/3rd of our life asleep, but we didn’t pay sufficient attention to that part of life that it requires. SleepBot is Android App that let you make your sleeping habits better by monitoring the habits of you during sleep. It offers a comprehensive sleep track for its users including the track your movement during sleep, time of your sleep, how many times you wake up and others. Use alarms to awake yourself while the graph in app reveals you the sleep pattern. So get ready to enjoy this free app and to make your sleeping habits better.

3: JEFIT Pro:

This app is a good choice for those who want to enjoy several exercise positions using the guidelines of that app made for Android users. The app keeps a track of your fitness and offers a comprehensive workout plan. It offers 1300+ exercise tips, tricks and positions in animated form, so that you will act on your workout plan accurately. Indeed a good tool to judge your consistency in exercise. You need to join a gym in order to enjoy all of the features and exercises that are offered in this app. This precious app is available for 3.21 Britain Pounds.

4: MyFitnessPal:

This app is said to be one of the most used Fitness App in world is actually helps you to know how much  calories you take in your day to day life and a good tool to achieve your weight loss dream to get a slim and attractive figure again. The success for App includes calorie counter for more than 3 million food items. MyFitnessPal is a good tool to get rid of your extra pounds that make your body somewhat dumb and fetish. Several famous Magazines recommend this app as a weight loss tool.

5: Zombies, Run!:

Running is a natural way to make you fit and healthy, however you may feel running boring after some time period and further may quit running which further could result in disaster for your fitness. Think of a situation with your involvement that you are chased by Horde of Zombies!… what do you do as a first step? Still thinking that running is boring? Only one way you have, go as fast as you can to beat these Zombies, Zombies, Run! Is Android App that let you inspire for running and to set a target for you to make your running better. Indeed an interesting app to maintain your fitness with lot of fun.

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