5 Android Games to Sharpen your Memory

Perhaps Memory is the most precious thing in human life as the man without memory is nothing it is the memory which makes you human being and you thinks like a polite human being. One should have enough sharp mind that he/she can tackle all the matters of life. But the idle one doesn’t get anything at all , the  naughty guys always noticed by crowd just think about the world’s richest Man Bill Gates with more than 70 Billion USD, he was crazy for machines and programming and habitually use the PC at school more than others. The naughty Gates make a bug in OS of PC to spend more time on Computer machine. This naughty trick leads him to the most successful people of world. He indeed owns a sharp mind and reason behind that was the active involvement in creative and problem resolving activities.

Sharp Your Mind Playing Games

Think about the Email which we are using today, it is invented by a Young Guy VA Shiva Ayyadurai,  who accept the challenge and introduced the first ever copy right protected  recognized Email system.

With the passage of time, human may faced by a shortage of memory, and as expert advise, its time to sharpen the Axe. This post provides the Apps for Android Users to test and sharpen your own memory. Indeed this collection brings fruitful out comes.

1: Memory Trainer:

Memory Trainner

If you are looking for the most used app, then you are at the right place as it is being download for more than 5 million times. A best tool to improve the memory in all ways. It will improve the mind thinking by some mental workouts to focus on the possible solution. The Graphics of the App are user friendly. It covers twenty sessions and each session requires more aggressive and unique exercise. It will improve our IQ level by asking different level of number recall, shapes and color test. This app monitor your performance so that you can view your performance is improving or the axe is still unsharped?

2: Math Genius Brain Trainer:


You may be tired of exercising the math tricks, but it is a useful way to improve your IQ Level as Math requires the logic based solution and you are forced to get the solution based on the logic. This app  helps to develop the analytical Math skills and you can play with the numbers after going though the questions of the app. It has three difficulty levels including the level for starters, for moderators and for aggressive mind peoples. The good thing is that you have to resolve the trick within given time and that is good for you as it will helpful to take effective decisions within time.

3: Mind Games:

Android Game

This is a challenging game and you have to resolve the 16 puzzles along with 165 different difficulty levels. This is indeed just a mind trainer for you. This is a tough game and will test the limits of any one’s patience. The game includes the Chess, Checkers, and the game’s intro screen warns you that there’s no easy way into the puzzles and no easy way out. This will test your ability to resolve the puzzles within time.

4: Math Workout:

Android Math Games

This game testify your ability to resolve the basic Math Skills by questioning you the mathematical based questions and equations. The starter may be stuck in a way to find the right solution as it is difficult one for them. This is a way to come your fear about Math in a Fun and entertaining way. The main thing in this Mind sharp app is that it requires resolving the easy puzzles within a short period of time. Iit also offers the challenge of world to improve your ranking in the leader board to become prominent around the world.

5: bBoggled:


This game will question about your ability to remember the things, strategy and the ability to count down the things in a proper way. Share the results with others to show how genius are you? The game rely on the card memory as it show cased a grid of cards printed by yellow color scheme and each card bears a number or any of the basic mathematical equation and you are required to remember it  and recall the same using  memory skills and knowledge based on math skills. Providing the right card will terminate the card and any wrong answer will add a further one more card into cart. You have to clear all the cards to move to the next level.

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