5 Best War Games for Android Users

There are thousands of people who love to play war games to defeat their opponents on their Smartphone. This is really a safe and fun way to defeat your enemy using Android platform. These types of games make your mind sharp, make you able to take quick decisions and make your own strategies. If you are looking for games to Sharpen your Mind, we have article on 5 Android Games to Sharpen your Memory. Here are 5 in demand War Games on Google Play.

1: World of Warcraft Armory:

World of Warcraft Armory

This game is one of the best war games as it has crossed famous Call of Duty video game in terms of earnings and has crossed 10 billion $ milestone. The game World of Warcraft Armory for Android Mobiles allows its users to remain in touch with aspects of World of Warcraft whether you are logged into the game or not. The starter edition is free up to 20 levels and you only required to signup for an account to move on. More than 100 million people have played this game. Player requires selecting a server referred to in-game as a realm, while each of the realms is a copy of the game world. There are four categories of realm including Normal (Player Vs Environment) where player has to defeat monsters and completing quests, Player Vs Player where you will face the challenge of monsters, completing quests, you will combat with another player, RP where is a variant environment of Player Vs Environment where players roleplay in character. The last one is RP-PvP where players are in-character and cross-faction combat is assumed.

Download World of Warcraft Armory for Android.

2: Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor:

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor

This is famous war game belongs to historical Sparta army. Sparta Army aimed to conquer entire world and to establish a glorious empire. You will enjoy the free for android. This is a war strategy game, where you have to construct a kingdom of epic proportions and you have to build your own brutal army with no mercy for others. You need to establish an alliance of loyal supporters in need of time. This game will testify your strategic approach against thousands of rivals online. You have the support of Greek Gods while your allies will also provide you assistance as well.

Download Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor for Android.

3: World Warships Combat:

World Warships Combat

World Warship Combat is a gift for those who want to enjoy sea wars. This game brings you back to 20th century and provides you an opportunity to defeat your enemies on high seas. You will love to command your naval forces and to destroy the ships of your opponents in deep water. You will have vessels the power of different sea vessels with unique varieties and combination of speed, firepower, endurance and armor as well. Your aim in the game is to take the charge of a fleet comprise of naval ships with different powers and abilities.

Download World Warships Combat for Android.

4: Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D:

Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D

The game is marked as one of the most tremendous game in terms of Helicopter battleship. Playing this game provides you an opportunity to feel like a pilot of a Helicopter and fighting against your opponents with aggressive approach. The game offers best 3D Graphics, Military aspects and Flight Control Simulation. There are various Helicopter and each of them has its own unique features and abilities. You can choose your own selection for weapons and special equipments. You will love the episode mode as it contains a series of missions that were based on real stories of famous wars.

Download Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D for Android.

5: Zombie Assault: Sniper:

Zombie Assault: Sniper

Zombie Assault Sniper is third version, it has better graphics. This game really testifies your skills as a sniper. The game is about a virus which has spread like wildfire all around the city and people are transforming to Zombies. Those who dare to struggle against such virus and creatures hide themselves in markets, warehouses or any other safe place and are waiting to be rescued. Your mission is to kill all those Zombies. You will have to upgrade your skills and weapons by purchasing ammo, Hand-Grenades, while Med0Kit will energize you when you are running out of your life. Select your mission and enjoy shooting Zombies to rescue people. In order to get more funds, you can go for daily tasks to earn 2000 points.

Download Zombie Assault: Sniper for Android.

Note: All these apps are working fine as tested on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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