5 Free Android Apps for Remembering Important Things

“A place for everything, and everything in its place”, this saying suits best for forgetful type of people. Some people may find it difficult to remember that where they have misplaced their phone, while this approach may sometime cause a lot of troubles for you. Further some people may also forget the location of their parked car, and sometime who occasionally swaps out milk for the cereal in your fridge section.

The development of apps for Smartphone to remember things help people to locate, discover and find out their lost and misplaced things. These sorts of apps also include to-do and task manager apps as these apps will alarm you for specific things and events.

Below are the 5 Android Apps for remembering important things.

1: Evernote:

Evernote is a popular cross platform app that is also available for Android fans. This all in one app facilitate and aid you to remember things with the help of to-do lists, articles, pictures and notes. Everrnote for Android can store important things, while you can search these important things from you database. Use Evernote’s reminder to get alerts about important tasks. You can pin your notes to top of note list with a alarm time that will prompt to aware you when the note is due. You can also make a checklist to make sure that you have performed certain tasks. You can write long detail notes and can capture things that inspire you.

Download Evernote for Android Devices.

2: Bills Reminder:

Bills Reminder helps those people who forget the dates of their important bills. This leading Android App is suitable to manage your utility bills via one app. The app automatically posts reminders of all of your bills via payment action to help you manage your bills. You can get status of your bills in different views including overdue, upcoming, unpaid and paid status. You can customize Bills Reminder Android App too set Currency, reminder time etc as per your requirements. The app can remind you for recurring bills.

Download Bills Reminder for Android Devices.

3: Remember the Milk:

Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk app helps people to follow their tasks. Those people who often forget their tasks and key things can use remember the milk app for android to manage their tasks including mails, SMS or IM reminders. You can also manage you tasks offline, while you can also share your tasks as well. Apart from just Android, the app is available everywhere around you including web, Google apps and others. Good thing about this app is that every person including businessman, student, individual, women and every person from every walk of life can make best use of it with its to-do lists.

Download Remember The Milk for Android Devices.

4: CleverCards:

CleverCards Android App helps you to get updates of birthdays of all of your Facebook friends. CleverCards android app sync and alerts you about coming birthdays of your friends. The app also generate birthday cards by using Facebook photos, you can also use these pictures in mails and can print them as well.

5: Countdown+Event Reminder Lite:

This android app helps to remember all events of your life. With this app, you need not remember too many events, their details and their dates. You can use the app as a watch dog for your life events, like birthdays, anniversaries, gathering and any other important day in your life. The countdown helps you to measure the remaining time for any specific event. You can check and monitor the important dates and events of your social life. So now you can never miss any event of your life, while the countdown tells you about events in near future.

Download Countdown+Event Reminder Lite for Android.

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