5 Games for Android Lovers to Change their mood

If you are habitually trend to tap your android phone again and again with or without any reason then playing games is indeed an interesting thing, what if you are tired with your games that are installed on your Android Phone? You would like to uninstall them indeed and go for some other Android Gaming Apps. This Article brings you to the alternate Android Mobile Apps that you love to play and these will helpful for you in tapping your Phone continuously as well.

5 Games for Android Lovers to Change their mood

1: Ruzzle:

Ruzzle Android Game

Ruzzle offers a speedy experience of Boggle. This is a good to try for game lovers, Boggle is out there for more than a period of 2 years, however it got popularity in past few months resulted in high rank for App, this game let you provide unforgettable experience for every round while every round consist of 2 minutes limit, get experience and challenge your friends to enjoy more.

(Available for iOS and Android)

2: QuizUp:


Playing just action or speedy games will not help you any way, you should try something that will move and circulate your thinking and provide some reasons to think sharply. This popular trivia app assigned your brain to perform some task that will boost up your mind and pour out your analytical skills. Enjoy with your opponents in topics ranging from brand logos to chemistry to Mean Girls.

(Available for iOS; Android version coming soon)

Games for Android/iOS Lovers who need change

Pocket Forgs:

Pocket Forgs

This game is built for those crazy wild life lovers who love to feed up frogs and selling them. This game indeed offers a unique experience of its own nature. This App is for who dreams for a mindless game with plenty of pretty colors, this is still for you.

(Available for iOS and Android)

4: Ironpants:


You can say this app as a copy of Flayy Bird, what things make difference is that you have to act as a superhero instead of a little bird. One more thing there is no set of pipes but you have to go through a set of boxes. The thing that makes this app really wonder is its physics, mechanics and overall aesthetic.

(Available for iOS and Android)

Games for Android/iOS Users To Enjoy

5: Badland:


This game is also come with main idea of Flappy bird with one control. This Apps get positive response from user as it has better wonder world of visual effects including a complex and colorful rainforest. You should go for that if you want to enjoy paid leisure of Android Gaming. After playing it, you will force to introduce the same to others due to its nice experience.

(Available for iOS and Android)

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