Firefox Nightly 21 Brings Modern UI App To Windows 8

On October 4, 2012, a version of Metro interface version of Firefox by Mozilla, the Firefox Nightly 18 was included at that time in that version to be used in the new OS of Micro Soft Windows 8. Firefox Nightly is such a platform that uses by the Firefox to release the experimental software. The released software are least in nature and also unstable at that moment as no reviews are there to rectify the bugs. Mozilla promised and fulfill it as science Windows 8 Modern UI, Firefox is available on the Nightly channel, it further more means that the software is not available until the issues are resolved. The snooping developers and users can go through the app by downloading the Nightly Build. Enjoy the app with full version who are desktop user but for Modern UI the features are up to some limitations. The functionality of it is much similar to the Windows 8 IE.

Download Firefox by Nightly 21 Modern UI App for Windows 8 Installation Guideline

Make Firefox Nightly 21 as default browser so that it can take charge as Modern UI app, or install it if you haven’t it and make it your default browser. No need to confuse as It is very easy to make it default browser, simply from Control Panel , make it as your default browser or go to advance tab of Firefox to access the Firefox’s options to make it as your default browser. Now the start screen of Firefox showing Nightly, that is like a conformation message that your default browser is now Nightly 21.

Modern UI Interface

The interface of Firefox is compatible with Modern UI standard. The new tab shows the URL bar at the top, when the page is fully loaded the URL bar goes hidden. The bottom bar led you to the Downloads page, add the bookmarks for the recent page, Zoom in or zoom out on the page, search for specific text on the current page or you can see it as a whole on the desktop version. To view the opened page or current tab, just tap on the top or bottom of the screen, secondly you can also view it by right click. While the page is loading the blue colored bar show the current status of the page which is downloaded.



You can set Firefox sync, set the Firefox to open the last opened tab in lieu of default start page, set the tabs setting to be showed at the top, password setting, eliminate the private information etc. Currently the add-ons are not supported along with the disability of shortcut key i.e. ctrl+shift+A to open anything. The setting about the notification can be changed through permission tab in setting.



The first main thing that Firefox needs to change is to decrease the size of the tab bar as it occupies the major area of the screen that is frustrating sometimes. The good thing is that it loses less memory than colleague i.e. desktop version. So many things are requires to do beside these. User may expect to start supporting add-ons soon for Modern UI. As at least now you know about the Nightly Firefox version is an experimental version so use it carefully at your own risk.

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