Android Battery Extension Tips

Android enabled Smartphone have indeed a really big share in the Mobile market. The Android Phone is available from 100$ to high cost may be thousands of Dollars  You may also have the one of those incredible and Costly Android Smartphone with many attracting features. And I know that these features are the reasons that forced you to buy the Android Phone, but you may not be happy with its battery support as it consumes battery very fast and most of time the users of Android may suffer the low battery problem and hence are dependent on the charging heavily. The user may facing the low battery timing lower than the stated Android Phone’s specification. If the case is this than this Article is best for you to increase the battery timing of your Android Phone. You have to follow the some easy tips and these tips will indeed help you to increase the battery timing of you Smartphone. Brightness: The first thing that consumes the battery of your Android Phone is the brightness and you can achieve more battery timing by adjusting the brightness. New Phones are coming with the more screen display and that’s the one big reason for the consumption of battery life. You can minimize the brightness through the Settings of Phone and you can maximize the brightness when you are in need of more brightness. WiFi & BlueTooth: The use of WiFi and Bluetooth are very common now days. And mostly after using these tools we forget to close these tools, which results in the consumption of battery in bulk. You can save a lot of battery Power by closing these tools and it will take about 3-5 sec of yours but the result is more fruitful. And this is not a long period of time, and this time can save the battery power which can be used for important tasks. Unnecessary Apps: One more thing that are using the battery life of your Android Smartphone is the Applications that are running in the background. These applications are another big reason for the consumption of the battery power as these apps are running in the background and thus results in the loss of battery even these apps aren’t in the use. There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the Play Store with same functionality. The solution for such type of apps is to find out the apps which are not important. The very next step is to delete the unwanted apps are you can also turn off such apps if you want to use such apps again. Now you can use you Android Device for a longer period of battery support. Use the guidelines in you routine. You can repeat these steps after a period of time I.e. after every 2 weeks. The Appsteller is working for your best interest and provides you the valuable guidelines and reviews of the latest Android apps. Keep in touch with us for the latest news about Android and reviews of latest Android apps. Don’t forget to give us a like if you find this post handy for your Android Device.

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