App Collection for Google’s Smartwatch

Technology is changing with the passage of everyday and we can see the shifting of technology from old fashioned PCs to Laptops, then the introductions of Palmtop devices, Smartphones. The media and the platform that these devices use in past also tend to change like floppy-drive, magnetic-tap, hard-drive, pen-drive, and now we are using apps for different platforms like Apps for Android, Apps for Windows Phone, iOS Apps and the most recent addition is Tizen, soon we will hear about bundles of apps for Tizen when the Korean Company will make the Tizen OS public.

Coming to the point, Smartwatches are the most recent addition to Technology arena, Google’s Smartwatchs are most trustable and most in-use Smartwatches. Google’s Smartwatch runs on Android Wear. Here is the list of nice app collection for Smartwatchs.

1: Evernote:

Evernote for Android Wear

This Android Wear Extension of Evernote allows the user to dictate voice notes using watch and to pull up recent notes. This helps you a lot when you are travelling and you can have book reference on your wrist. You need not to interfere with your Android Smartphone to dictate new notes as well.

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2: Google Keep:

Google Keep for Android Wear

Now you can have shopping list on your wrist and you need not to approach your phone with a trolley in a shopping mall. It is competitor to Google’s Evernote. You can Dictate new notes just like Evernote does.

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3: Google Maps:

Google Maps for Android Wear

It is a Built-in app for Android Wear and gives direction when you are walking in streets. It vibrates when you have to take a turn and gives on screen directions. So now you can view Google Maps on your Smartwatch. Turn-by-Turn and Step-by-Step directions make it easy to find directions using this built-in app.

4: Runkeeper:

Runkeeper for Android Wear

This app helps those who are more curiosity about their health. It helps you to keep an eye on your footsteps and count them for you, so that you can monitor your walking and can improve your health as well. Android Wear comes with a built-in step counting, however Runkeeper offers more information relating to your health, and for better health you can afford to have this on your Smartwatch. Using this app, you can know about step count, calories burnt, and distance covered. You can try the free version, and if you found it valuable for you, you can upgrade to a monthly elite service for $9.99.

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IFTTT for Android Wear

IFTTT have more value for you as you can perform various task with just one app, muting the ringer is just an example from bundle of functionality that it can perform. It is designed to perform a specific command on the happening of an event, simple example include alarming you about the email that you received from your employer.

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6: Phone Finder:

Phone Finder for Android Wear

It helps to recover your Android Phone, when you are not in a position to find it. It will ring an alarm on your Phone, when this little red bell symbol is displayed on your Smartwatch. This app will buzz when you will leave your phone behind the range either intentionally or unintentionally, and you can trigger the alarm on your phone to locate the correct location of phone.

Please give your response about the apps, and how you experience the apps. Stay tunes for latest updates.

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