Apple iOS 7 Beta Version 2 Developers Preview

The new beta version 2 has fixed Bugs and come along some new features. The iOS 7 beta version include Voice Memos, new Siri Voices, Reminders, UI tweaks, Battery Stability, an iPad iOS 7 and more. But all of the features for iOS 7 are yet to be released. This new beta version can be updated through the Software Update section. It has 237 MB of weight.

Apple iOS 7 Beta Version 2 Developers Preview

iOS 7 beta 2

The new beta 2 version is focuses more on performance than previous. So we can suppose that iOS 7 will see the multiple elegance between now and launch.

Here is the list of changes that are made to the iOS 7 beta version 2:

Apple returned back the Voice Memo

Two variant for Siri i.e. Male and Female Voice

Addition of new button that will enable you to access all cities

Notification will tell about addition of media to the shared photo stream

Revamped of Reminder App

Addition of find my iPhone icon that will help you remotely lock, your phone erase data if you misplace it

Camera control even when screen is locked

Control of Music tool even when screen is locked

Safari Bookmarks/Re-Order of Link Tabs/Reading List

Pano CameraUser Interface Tweaked

Darker Face Time App UI; this has improved the transparency round the entire system especially about key board and in folders

New Newsstand Interface for user ease that will provide new layout of calendar list view

Change of Video for iPhone in beta 2

Glorious look icon for email service provider

Mail has new feature by which you can undo anything by shaking the Phone

New thing in Music app especially designed for artist

Here is the Video link about review of of iOS 7 beta version 2

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