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So this is your case that you have both iPhone & iPad and you want the list of the apps that can be run and working smoothly for the both iPhone and iPad. Here is your solution. In this post for our viewers, these are the apps that can be run on both platform and these apps can be used in every walk of life.

1: Adobe Reader


To view PDF documents adobe reader is the only reliable tool for all devices and platforms. To view PDF documents on your iPod, iPad and iPhone use this device comprehensively for the cost of just downloading this app. By installing this app you are able to view PDF portfolio, fill able forms, password protected documents etc. Major features include; navigate through PDF content, view PDF documents, store and access documents in the cloud with, print and share documents, electronically sign documents, Fill out forms and Annotate and comment on PDF documents.

Download The App: Adobe Reader

2: iBooks


The fundamental reader for reading text and graphics books. A built-in iBookstore that let you can purchase the best latest books or your favorite classics books on discount or for free. So maintain your bookshelf as you required and enjoy this app. In new version of iBooks 3.0.2 you can see all your books in iCloud with iOS 6. Enjoy this free app available in multi languages.

Download The app: iBooks


3: ESPN ScoreCenter


This sports app facilitate all the sport lovers without any discrimination, brings scores, news and standing from sports league and teams. A best app to get latest news about every sports and get latest alerts while TOP stories are described in details. The glorious fact is about Calendar navigation, allowing access to previous scores and upcoming games. Interesting breaking news from event of the day will kept you up-to-date. MyNews & MyVideo present content related to your favorite team. Furthermore you can share your favorite games and news with anyone. The new version 3.0 is very user friendly and is optimized for iPhone and iPad. The simple navigation and new design makes easier for user to review sports news in a quick time.

Download The App: ESPN ScoreCenter

4: Contract Killer 2

counter strike

This app works on iPhone 5 and iPod touch, your duty as Jack Griffin just a Contract Killer. Explore through international horizon, the story combining long-range kill shots as close-range efficient attack. To protect yourself, you should act upon “Built For The Kill” i.e. just shoot out your opponent. Features includes; Hit long range target using scope and silencers, choose the way to beat your enemies i.e. use of cover or/and stealth, Get Killer Club Card by completing many of unique challenges to earn titles badges and rewards, eliminate all your enemies at street level, defuse bombs, escape like a ghost through your enemy lines with applying terror on them with help of Weapon Kit include outfit Jack, throwing knives, body armor brass knuckles, scopes and silencers. So enjoy this thrilling and enthusiasm game at the cost of just download however you can avail some extra items for payment through iTunes account and you can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting setting.

What’s New in Version 1.1.2

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

Download The App: Contract Killer 2

5: Dropbox


This handy app let you enable to save your data online and you can get it from any where online, access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your PC’s, Laptops, iPhone or any other device. The Dropbox provides you free space of 2 GB so that you can save your files, docs, videos and any other relevant data. The great thing is that yo need not to make backup of your data after saving files into the Dropbox folder. So Enjoy this absolutely free app.


–          You can access your data from any device or even online form the Dropbox website.

–          2 GB space for free after sign up.

–          Automatically save photos and videos so that you can win 3 GB additional space for free.

–          You can also view the files offline by adding the files to “Favorites”

–          You can share the link of your biggest file

Download The App: Dropbox

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