April Fool Day 2015 Android App Ideas

Yes you are right, April Fool Day has come again. April Fool Day is the day when you can play Pranks and Jokes on others with a built-in excuse and that its no more than a prank and hoaxes. This post tells Best Android Apps and April fool Ideas 201 that you can use on this April Fool Day 2015.

April Fool Day 2015 Android App Ideas

1: Control Computer Remotely:

remote mouse app

Remote Mouse Android App allows you to remotely control someone’s PC without any special know how of computers and their networking. The app is available for both iOS on iTunes and for Android on Google Play. You need to download and install the app on PC you want to remotely control and on your own Smartphone. The app also allows you to use your Smartphone and Tablet as wireless mouse and keyboard. After completion of download, you can use your Android Smartphone or Android Tablet as a wireless mouse and keyboard. You can also surf Google, Facebook, or anything which could be embarrassing one. This could be great idea to give a glimpse of computer hack or attack of malfunctioning.

Download app for PC and for Android.

2: Damaged Smartphone Screen:

You can enjoy the old broken LCD and monitor screen trick on Smartphone. You may want to give your colleagues a situation of anxiety by making him / her think that his/her Smartphone’s is on brink. You can also do the drama that the phone or tablet has slipped from your hand resulting in damaged screen. Crack Your Screen Prank is an Android App that gives a realistic screen crack and screen failure glimpse and you just need to shake the phone to make other victims of April Fool Jokes and Hoaxes.

Download Crack Your Screen Prank from Google Play.

3: Fake Car Dent:

Fake Car Dent Prank

Vehicles and Cars are the most expensive and precious things for any person. People are very keen to make their cars and vans dent free and they will act abnormal when it comes to their look. Playing car pranks could be a good idea with such people. You need the Android App Dude, Your Car, to play the Car Dent Prank on this April Fool Day 2015. You just need to photograph the car, apply special effects to the image including believable dents, smoke coming out of bonnet and/or wheel clamp etc.

Download Dude, You Car for Android from Google Play.

4: Blue Screen on Android Prank:

virus prank app

Did you remember the blue screen error on your PC? You can enjoy the Blue Screen Error or virus attack on Android Devices as well. There’s no reason why you can pretend to get a virus attack which displays the Blue Screen of Death, Color Bars, Thermal shutdown overheating notice and other relevant pranks for Android Smartphone or Tablets. You just need to download the Virus Prank Android App to enjoy the April Fool Prank with Blue Screen error/

Download Virus Prank on Android Devices.

5: Shave Head Prank with Real Razor Android App:

real razor app

Shaving the head of people who love their hairs could be a joyful April Fool Prank. You can use your Smartphone and Real Razor Android App to pretend to shave the head of the person who cares for his/her hairs. You just need to come up right from behind that person with your Android Phone and produce the sound of razor to give a fake trim cut to that person. You will love the movements.

Download Real Razor for Android from Google Play.

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