Artsly an interesting and productive platform especially for Women

There are many of the online platforms that are facilitating their viewers/customers to educate, entertain and provides them proper skills paid or unpaid. These forums include the Lynda, Udemy, Team Tree House and some others. All these forums are specifically designed for men and no one is promoting women to educate and turned them skilled human.


To provide the women skills and well educate them, two sibling entrepreneurs named as Muhammad Huzaifa and Muhammad Jehanzaib has recently launched an application on iTune Store with a tag name as Artsly. It is a video based social learning platform especially designed to improve the productivity rate for women. The app provides the shrot video lessons in the field of photography, music, crafts, painting, and make-up from skilled instructors. The main audience is global user from all around the world and the medium of teaching is English language.


The Brothers are supported by the Kima Ventures i.e. a financial support of $ 1,75,000. This is the second startup for the brothers after iKNOWL. The CEO for Artsly Muhammad Huzaifa said that, “they are aiming this at female learners because they are most active on YouTube and other content channels”


From the last few months, this new platform Artsly has taken on 1,400 beta-mode sign-ups from different instructors from all over the world. Now the startup is working with them to create fun and engaging video lessons for Artsly users. The team is planning the launch of Android and iPhone apps to accompany the iPad app.

This app for iPad is available on iTune Store; download it through the following link. Artsly.

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