Battleship between Smartphone OS: reviews, comparison and expectations

The battleship for the world’s top 5 Smartphone Operating Systems is getting more interesting move as the three OS including Tizen, Firefox and Ubuntu are on their way to get the top ranks. At that time Google’s Android is the World’s famous and most demanding Smartphone OS and there are almost 900 million Android devices exists in the tech World and more are seeking their way.

But the competition is going to be tougher as Samsung is developing its own OS for it’s upcoming devices by crushing the Firefox and Ubuntu OS. Also the Tizen will give tough time to Android and iOS but both top two OS are feeling more secure in US. While the mobile manufacturers from Asia are looking for options other than iOS and Android. Intel has also showed its interest in the upcoming Tizen OS.

While Samsung is planning to expanding the market by entering in the Auto market by providing the Tizen OS to Cars also. The head of Mobile division for Samsung J.K Shin said that,

“There are many convergences not only among IT gadgets, including Smartphones, tablets, PCs, and cameras”, “but also among different industries like cars, bio, or banks. Cross-convergence is the one ‘area’ Samsung can do best since we do have various parts and finished products.”

Before this Apple has also testified its capability to take the charge of Auto market for Cars. Tizen OS has already get some positive and active response but in start it has to be proved itself really market leader. He said that,

“There will be good news on the tablet soon,” he said. “Please wait and see.”

The previous OS by Samsung Bada was ended by Korean Company but it wasn’t a failure totally as it was in a better position than that of Windows Phone and now Samsung is planning more carefully for its upcoming OS and it looks like that Tizen will give tough time to others.

Battleship of OS:

Battle of the OS

Firefox, Ubuntu and Tizen are trying to snatch the honor of Google and monetary position that Goggle is earning through its apps store as Google Apps Store becomes the largest App Store. But same time it is interesting to see that if user will switch for Android to other OS? It is really a big question for all emerging and upcoming OS.

Here is the comparison of upcoming OS:


Firefox OS

Same like Firefox web browser, the Mozilla’s Firefox OS is built on open source platform. This Os has the ability to convert the Web site in to mobile apps, really a big advantage for those who want to make money through mobile apps. The minimum hardware requirements for Firefox OS are single core processor along with 256 MB of RAM and a QVGA display. So Firefox mainly focuses the budgeted Smartphone devices. So this is not much charming OS but reasonable for low-end Smartphones.

Alctel, LG, ZTE and Chinese Huawei are showing their interest in this OS                while the chipmaker Qualcomm is also backing the OS. Sony is looking for launching a device in 2014 with that platform. About 18 carriers are ready to market the devices with Firefox OS.


This OS is designed for those who are in need of powerful phone than a typical featured phone with less cost than the iPhone. While the budgeted Android Smartphones will be a great challenge for Firefox OS to compete in the market.


Tizen OS

The Open Source Tizen which is Linux based OS is designed keeping in view a large market including Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and Cars electronic systems. This OS is seems like that Samsung has folded its previous Bada OS I to Tizen. Tizenis managed by a committee of members from Intel and Samsung as well, while Intel is thinking positively towards the Tizen that it can support the Company in gaining the stronger position in the mobile chip business. Google’s Android is also Open Source but Google imposes certain conditions on the mobile manufacturers and Tizen is providing the relief to the handset makers.

Samsung along with Fujitsu and Chinese Huawei are focusing more on the OS and or taking steps to introduce the Tizen Phone in near future. While Japanese Docomo may become the first to offer the Tizen Phone while Orange from Europe also launched a phone of Tizen after Docomo.

Here’s a question arise that why one should prefer to have a handset with Tizen as OS while he/she can owned an Android Phone at cheap rate? May be Samsung’s entery level handsets may end up cannibalizing on Tizen’s market share. But one shouldn’t underestimate the Samsung ability to get the attention by proper marketing.

Ubuntu Touch:

Ubuntu Touch

The British Company Canonical brought to you the Linux based open source OS named as Ubuntu. This OS is struggling for getting attention of massive by its stylish gestures and appearance. This OS required you to have 1 GHz dual core cortex A9 processor and 512 MB of RAM. These requirements enable the OS to handle the low to high end range mobile.

According to the rumors this Open source Linux based OS might be installed on latest Google Nexus devices i.e. Nexus 4, nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Others are Asus Transformer series, LG Optimus 4X HD, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Note and S series and HTC One series handsets. Sony Xperia is also candidate for this OS. Ubuntu is in better position to get launched earlier than both above mentioned OS but this Os has very little support of handset manufacturers and Telecom companies and this is beneficial for the Firefox and Tizen OS to get some market share.

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