Benefits and Challenges of Wearable Gadgets

Technology has improved our health condition, and now we can avoid any possible health problem. Improvement in Health related technology leads to the invention of Wearable devices enable doctors and patients to know about upcoming health related problems. Android Wearables are indeed blessing for human as they can alert human about they falling health condition.

These wearable devices uses BAN (Body Area Network), holder of these devices may carry these devices or these devices can be implanted in human bodies, however it is a big question that are these wearable devices safe enough for human bodies?


Health MethodologyImprovement in physiological sensors lead to revolution in health sector and other fields. Using these sensors, health advisors can monitor the health condition of patient and can inform them within time. These sensors can update health record of patients using wireless network. These types of activities relies on the feasibility of implanting minor biosensors inside the doctors in real time.


Health WearableAs mentioned earlier, these sensors used in wearable devices can monitor human body activities in real time and can inform about any sign of asthma, heart attack and chronic disease. Sportsman can monitor their fitness and keep record of improvement in their physical health as well, while military persons can also monitor the health condition of army men on job during a war.



The wearable or implantable tech devices requires vital sign monitoring sensors, accelerometers to know about the location of patient, and wireless signals to transmit data. Other assisting components are Processor, Battery and a transceiver.


Besides the benefits, Wearable devices are subject to some questions mentioned below:

– Wearable devices should ensure consistent transfer of data without any interpretation

– BioSensors should be small and efficient enough to implanted within human bodies to avoid any further health related issue

– The transfer of health related info should maintain the privacy of patient

– Data should be secure and should be accessible only to relevant health advisors

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