Benefits of Creating Gaming YouTube Channels

One of the most profitable decisions made by Google in 2015 was to start YouTube Gaming platform. YouTube Gaming was launched keeping in mind the enormous success enjoyed by many gamers on YouTube. Today, gaming content is the most popular of all YouTube content. Is there a way for you to benefit from creating your own gaming YouTube channels?

Yes – if you’re passionate about games, there are excellent opportunities to make money out of it by starting a gaming YouTube channel of your own.

Consider the globally renowned gamer PewDiePie. He is believed to make millions of dollars every year from his gaming channel on YouTube. All he does is to play his favorite games, upload the videos of the gameplay on YouTube, and engage with his viewers. That’s enough to make him a multimillionaire several times over!
So, what are Gaming YouTube Channels?

Gaming YouTube channels are those that cover the world of gaming, which is popular with young people all over the globe. But it’s more complicated than that.

When you create your own YouTube gaming channel, you can do a lot of different things, such as in-game commentary, gaming-inspired comic skits, criticism and analysis of gameplay, talking about the history and culture of gaming, organizing tutorials for newbies on mastering the most popular and trending games, and more.

There’s just so much you can do. But generally, gaming YouTube channels are categorized into the following.
Show Channels – These channels focus on the personality and lifestyle of the gamer. You can upload your gameplay, shoot breeze with your followers, and generally talk about topics of interest.

Gaming Tutorials – You can start a tutorial on your favorite games on YouTube, where you can impart gaming techniques to your followers, offer tips and tricks and share your gaming secrets.

Commentary Channels – These gaming channels are focused on background commentary on the gameplay content, rather than on the personal life of the creator.

Raw Gameplay Channels – These channels only consist of your gameplay – no commentary, and not much editing.
Comedy Channels – These YouTube channels consist of comic skits based on popular games.

Informational Channels – These gaming YouTube channels discuss the history and culture of popular games, game consoles and overview their development. You will need to be fully immersed into the world of gaming to start such a channel.

What are the Benefits of Creating Gaming YouTube Channels?

#1: You will get to follow your passion – This is the biggest reason for anyone to start a gaming channel. You love gaming, are passionate about it and want to share your craze with millions of people around the world.

#2: You will make a lot of money from the gaming channel – Starting a gaming channel is one of the best YouTube monetization strategies, especially if you’re good at it. There are many gamers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their popular gaming channels.

#3: You will have access to a vast global audience – A Google survey found that  95% of gamers subscribe to online video content. People love any video content on gaming. You can showcase your talent to millions of people from around the world.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Perhaps it’s time you created a gaming channel on YouTube. Who knows, you too could potentially become a celebrity like the popular gamer PewDiePie, who we talked about at the start of this article. Share your love for gaming with the world.

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