Benefits of Rooting Android Phone

Rooting is the process that gets reorganization on a very large scale by the Android Users. This process of rooting gives the full access to the user to control the Android devices on Smartphone’s, tablets and all other devices with Android have Android OS. This concept of “ROOTING” the devices comes due to the limitation put by the manufacturer and carrier by default so that the user can get more of the benefit after ROOTING the device.

Now the question arises that what are the benefits of ROOTING the device. After ROOTING, User can

  • Change and replace application
  • Change files and setting
  • Can install the special application that are not offered by the manufacturer

So these are the main benefits that Android User can avail after ROOTING the device and the normal Android user can’t have it without ROOTING. This situation is unfavorable for the manufacturer and they can’t afford that the applications of third parties can be run on their branded devices. So the manufacturer will not accept any warranty claim even during the warranty period on the rooted device if any. You must be careful and thoughtful in deciding the rooting of your Android Device that you may lost your device or may face decline in the performance. Besides all these affects, people are rooting their devices on a very large scale. You may decide easily what your requirements are and what particular application you may require on your Android Phone and you should also read for the affects of rooting the Device and the worst affect may be DEAD Device.

So I am going to tell you the benefits off rooting Android Device:

Flash Custom ROMs

The Flash Custom ROM gives a boost up to the Android System. After rooting you will find a new User Interface. The rooting is so attracting that people are forceful to root their device. What you get after doing so, is boost up in speed, stability and handy device.

Overclock CPU

The rooting results in the increment of CPU performance but up to some extent so the processing time is better than previous. After rooting you are provided by the charming experience without any intermission in using the apps. You are required to know about the Overclock limit of your Android Device as there is a limit that the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) with 800 MHz are restricted up to 900 MHz etc.

Transferring the Apps

This is the common features that a common Android user is looking for. This feature help the user to control the budget for their Android Device as this feature helps the user to transfer the apps from internal storage to SD Card. This feature helps to improve the device functionality i.e. you can move the apps from internal storage and thus device performs better than ever. In other words you have now more space to install more apps on your device.

Alteration in System Files

This feature makes the user administrative authority of device I.e. user can amend, alter or simply edit the system files as you may require. This will enable you to delete the unwanted files on your system that are not mandatory so that you can overcome to the low storage problem. Most of the user those have Android Smartphone are mostly striving for the low internal storage, but this feature is really helpful for all of them, so you are free at your will, and use all the apps you need.

Backup Your Data

By using the Custom Recovery, user can back up the necessary data without depending on the PC. The famous Custom Recovery is clockworkMod Recovery. This option is available during the Rooting process. Installation of custom recovery allows the holder of device to install the custom firmware. Further more user can save the current state of the Android Phone with the help of the Nadroid option. Thus you can restore and save setting and preference.

Long Battery Life

The Android users use most of the apps on daily basis. After opening an app, this app will remain in the RAM for a long period of time even you have close the app and this affects the battery power as the app in the RAM consumes the charging. The solution for this problem is that user requires an advance task manager in order to kill the task running in the  background result in the consumption of the battery. The free task manager save the battery life by clean up the RAM periodically, so now user have more battery life to perform the more task.


This is up to you to decide whether to Root the device or not. But keeping in view the benefits of rooting the device, majority prefers to root the device in order to avail all the benefits that an Android user can avail.

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