Best Android Apps for 2015

Android is an open source Mobile Operating System which has so many apps for every aspect and people with different nature with different need and usage, however finding the suitable app from more than a million could be really challenging one, here are some suitable apps that has been marked as must have apps for 2015 year:

Best Android Apps. for 2015

1: National Rail Inquiry (UK):


National Rail Inquiry is a best and no.1 android traveling app which let users update about train times and their schedules. You can make your travel plan via this app as the app allows you to search for live train times, delay notifications if any, prompts users to enter a home and work station, while the Get me Home button allows you to navigate between next trains. The app really helps UK train travelers to set their train journeys on daily basis.

Download from Google Play Store.

2: Seesmic:

Seesmic for Android

If you are active on various social platforms like facebook, twitter etc, you may find yourself in a trouble regarding toggle between the platforms and to sign in and sign out to for several reasons, Seesmic empowers you with the ability to use your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts with a single app, however the app will be retire soon, as the developer wants to promote Hootsuite, and current users are not happy with that decision as the Seesmic is simple and has sleek design.

Install Seesmic from Play Store, Open it, tap on left bottom corner to continue with Seesmic, add your account, i.e. the app will prompt for your current active accounts(s), press OK, the app will ask you to publish on your behalf. Tap on your account and then accept the terms and conditions and enjoy using multiple accounts.

Download from Seesmic Google Play Store.

3: imo:

IMO for Android

imo has proved itself as best Android app for instant messaging, high quality voice and video calls, pictures sharing and emojis to add fun to your chat. With all these features and better quality of voice and video calling, imo has proved its self as best android app for voice and video calling, indeed its results are much much better than other apps like Skype.

The app uses your mobile phone number in order to register and automatically gets your contacts. Indeed the best and must have app for your Android phone for 2015.

Download imo from Google Play Store.

4: Outlook for Android:

outlook for android

Outlook is an official android app by Microsoft which allows android users to manage multiple hotmail accounts via this app, this app alerts users via push notification and is known for its clean interface.

Download Outlook from Google Play Store.

5: FourSquare:

FourSquare for android

FourSquare  is a must have app for android 2015 apps, this city guide app let you help to locate best places for dating outside for dine, shop, visit or drink with either buddies or with your soul mate. You can also locate this app for finding the best place for dinner, place for dating outside on this coming valentine day, oh what are your planning about valentine day 2015, give a look to Valentine Day Android Apps to make the event shine.

Download FoureSquare from Google Play Store.

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