Best Android Apps for Students

This is the era of technological reforms. Most of the student round the Word has the access to the Internet and Mobile. According to statistics about 63% of the students have Android enabled mobile devices. And fortunately there are millions of apps available for the Android devices. In this article I am going to inform you the 5 best Android apps for the students that will help them a lot to improve their studies but also to build the knowledge. Here we go….

1: myHomework Student:

myHomework App

This is the best app for the students due to many of the reasons i.e. Simplicity, Reliability, Beauty and its User Interface, that’s all what we are talking about this myHomework app that make it easy to use for everyone. The app help the student as a planner so that student from any age and class can plan his/her schedule and time. The major feature that is being appreciated by the majority of the student is the guideline without network connectivity requirement.

This app got a lot of attention on all the platforms like: Google Play Store, iTunes, Windows 8 Store, Kindle Fire etc. it’s the most complete on the go planner experience anywhere.

Price Factor:

This app is free in many areas as you can create an account for free while the ad free interface is available at a very fair cost of $ 1.99 for the Whole year.

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The Free Android App:
Homework Organizer/Student Planner
Homework Widget
Class Schedule
Homework Calendar

With a account (Free in many areas):
Sync Homework
Reminders That Sync
Late & Upcoming From Home & Widget

GPS – used to help find classes nearby & check if free accounts are available
Accounts – used to prepopulate email address when signing up

Internet – used to sync with
Phone State – used to get the identifier of the device

Download the App: myHomework Student

myHomework App Pic2

2: The Student Room:

This app is really for those who want the cooperation from other students. In short this app is just like a community for those students who want to get benefit themselves with the idea of others. So Download the TSR App so that you can become a part of student community which facilitates the students online. Get this app in your pocket to get advice and support for your studies from the online student community.

This app help those students even who had waste their a lot of time in non-educational activities or just surfing on the Internet, watching TV or due to any other reason. You will find this app helpful when you may be arrested by the threat of alarming coursework deadline approaching you submit the assignment and you are required to know about the ideas to complete the ideas. What so ever your problem is, you will find The Student Room a handy tool for you.

The Student Room is especially a handy and perfect companion for the UK students.

The community population is touching about the 5 million students studying for GCSEs, A-Levels, Degrees and some other qualifications. Many of the members of TSR face the same problem, challenges, choices and experience and you may also one of them, so you can ask for the solution, or share the story of success or just help the others about a topic.


• You can make friends around UK and create study relationship with others
• Opportunity to learn and get ideas from the brightest student from UK
• Make the right University choice by hearing what current University students have to say
• Can share your own opinion
• Get confidential and anonymous advice
• Take photos with your phone and add them to a discussion instantly


The Student Room Android AppThe student Room Android App

Download the App: The Student Room

3: ACCA Student Planner:

ACCA stands for (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a renewed body for the professional Accountants and the degree if awarded by the UK. This is an official app by the ACCA body. The app helps the about 432,000 students looking for a carrier in the Accountancy field.

This Application offers the ACCA student a planning tool. Key features are:

Pathway from the start, guideline how to pass your exams with confident, fain your experience and the attitude that will give you the professional behave and outlook.

A countdown will remind you the important dates regarding your exams, you can also set the alerts and also the ability to sync the events with your own calendars.

This app will work as an interactive tool for you even after you have completed you ACCA qualification based on your ability to move forward towards your ACCA degree and plans for you in gaining the experience.

This app will keep an eye on you progress time you take to move from one model to other model of ACCA and will keep you update with the handy tips that how you can move with aggression and with more speed to complete your ACCA membership.

This app will locate the location of your nearest Gold and Platinum Approved Learning Partner, student tuition (ALP-st) and Computer-based exam (CBE) center.

ACCA official Android AppACCA official Android AppACCA official Android App

Download this App: ACCA Student Planner.

4: Sounds: The Pronunciation App:

The Pronunciation App Android App

This is a crucial and ultimate English Pronunciation tool for the students as well as for the teachers which provides the Ultimate support for both students and teachers. Sounds: The Pronunciation App is a handy tool that helps you study, practice and to improve your pronunciation regardless of the fact where you are and from the area. The app helps and provides you support for both British & American Accent.

The app works and help in a way that you can listen the words and phrase from the Wordlist, record you own words and can compare the difference between your own words and the real words. The user of Macmillan coursebook can buy additional list of words for the app.

So using this app, you can:

PRACTISE your pronunciation reading, writing and listening skills
Testify yourself by taking part in the pronunciation QUIZZES from the list of Quiz
LEARN with lesson plans, videos and top tips for teachers, and study hints for students


Interactive Phonemic Chart (British and American English) with high quality audio – tap to hear a sound, or tap and hold to hear the sound and an example word.
Work in British or American English, and switch between them at any time.
Vocabulary Wordlist (with over 650 words):
Phonemic transcriptions and audio
Record your own pronunciation
Purchase new wordlists from directly inside the app. Wordlists are available for popular Macmillan coursebooks, as well as topic-based lists. New wordlists feature vocabulary, phrases and audio recordings.
Turn stress marks on or off to view the primary stress mark in the Wordlist, Practice and Quiz sections.
Practice Activities (Listen, Read and Write).
Quizzes (‘3 Minutes’ & ‘3 Lives’ modes) for listening, reading and writing.
‘Introduction to the Chart’ video featuring Adrian Underhill.
Three downloadable lesson plans for teaching with the Sounds app.
Top Ten Tips for Teachers.
Top Ten Tips for Students.
‘Teaching with the Chart’ – complete workshop video with Adrian Underhill.
Full Instructions.

The Pronunciation App Android AppThe Pronunciation App Android AppThe Pronunciation App Android App

Download the App: Sounds: The Pronunciation App.

5: JogNog – Student Quiz Review:

JogNog Android App

JogNog is a competitive app from which you can improve your knowledge through quiz game. This app contains the 60,000 multiple choice questions written and dully checked by the teachers. This app is really helpful to improve your grades and for the preparation of your tomorrows test. You can find each and every thing required for you test using this handy app. Both students and teachers as well can take benefit from this app. So this is a way by which you learn and also having fun same time.

This app helps the teacher in a way that the teacher can create the video game that help and support their idea of getting the main point, so the teachers can use this productive tool in planning the lesson much faster and more conveniently than as of writing the lecture and then deliver it to the fellow students.

For students this is a tool which can be used to learn through the gaming activities and having fun but with goal to learn a lot. So this edutainment system will create the interest in the student to keep focus on the learning by playing the tricks and games.

Each JogNog topic has a comprehensive FREE review quiz and the first level of every quiz is free to play as many times as you like. If you want to go for the more aggressive and tough quiz  you can purchase the quiz priced from 0.99 to 4.99 USD and this is a fair amount that you might be willing to spend in the sake of knowledge.

You can create your own quiz by going on to the JogNog web Site, and the quiz that you, your teacher or your classmate or friend create always free for you.

This app is handy for especially young and emerging mind like students from elementary and middle section, but students from high school can also get vast knowledge from this app. The difficulty level for each grade is different i.e. the student of 5th Grade will get more tough and difficult content than the student from the 4th Grade.

So one must use this app for the sake of knowledge building. and for the improvements.

Download the App: JogNog.

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