Best Cross platform messaging apps for every Smartphone Users

What about to get each of app for each platform. When we talk about the text and video conversation, there’s indeed some most preferable ideas due to their versatility and approach. There is possibility that your friends don’t have the same platform. Local messaging is very easy to perform but the international texting is still a big issue for many people. This post provides the Smartphone owners the cross platforms to communicate with different apps round the world.

1: Viber:


Viber has a great support for all major platforms includes Windows, Android, iOS, Nokia, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Mac as well. Use this niche communication app for catch up with anyone from the entire world with over 200 million Viber users. Viber offers free, texting, picture interchange; HD Voice calls moreover video messages over Wi-Fi or 3G. It has ability to group up 40 members same time.

Viber uses your Phone number as your ID and sync with contacts in the contact list and detect who has Viber from your contacts. Enjoy this app with vast range of platform without any ads.

nokiaitunegoogle play

Viber for Android, for Nokia Users, for iOS Users.



2: Whatsapp:


Whatsapp has just start charging its subscribers with a nominal subscription on yearly basis as previously this was entirely free to use. On availability of Wi-Fi or 3G to provides the subscribers for conversation with friends and family members and contacts. This app provides users to send and receive messages, audio notes, video messages and pictures. Use Whatsapp free for first year and for rest of life for just 0.99 USD annually.

This app is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Nokia S40. The user of this app is growing very fast due to its user friendly features and support. Now it has over 200 million registered uses.

Download Whatsapp.

3: Groupme:


Groupme is a free mobile group messaging service which is owned by Microsoft. This app delivered 100 million messages every month by by August 2011 while it reached 550million messages each month from June 2012. Use this app for conversation with one person or with a group it works with same efficiency and the great thing is that it works on almost every platform and every handset.

So hang with your friends, family mates, employees or for meetings from anywhere anytime without any cost. Now Groupme is a part of Skype family.

It has comprehensive approach for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and for Windows Phone as well. Devices support includes PC, LapTop, Tablets etc so use it from your office, bed, travelling or when your or on a private tour with your family.

Download Groupme.

4: Facebook Messenger:

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is best for those who tend to use Facebook for conversations. This Messenger provides the easiest way for texting with your mates and colleague i.e. with friends and family members. This app is useful to use over both cellular network or via Wi-Fi support. This app is not the similar to traditional Facebook app, rather than it purely focuses on support the user for texting each other’s regardless of Operating System. So it is a best app to access your friend via their Smartphone.

This app will help you in group conversations, enables user to know that who is seeing his/her messages, will provide the interface for push notifications and other demanding features. This messenger can be used by Android, iPhone and BlackBerry users.

Download Facebook Messenger.

5: Hangout:

Google Hangout

Great app by Google for Android, iOS and for PC users and is one of the sticky app that provides supportive interface for conversation either with single person or with a number of members. The user of Google mail will get their contacts from Google+ automatically. Hangout by Google provides you facility to ensure that who are in group conversation, when they are typing the text and more important feature that who has seen your message. You can make conversation with anyone into video calls with up to 10 mates.

This app remains in sync situation so that you can continue conversation at any time, Choose from hundreds of emoji to help you make your point, ability to get the previous conversation records, comprehensive feature that will show you a notification for once only i.e. seeing one alert on any device, you can’t see that on other one. Put notifications on silent mode when you are not available. This app doesn’t support the invisible feature just like in GTalk.

Download Hangout for PC, Android and for Apple.

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