Candy Crush Saga Basic Tips and Tricks

Candy Crush Saga has emerged as most popular and interesting puzzle video game released by King on April 12 2012 for social blogging site Facebook, on November 14 2012 for Smartphone Mobile Platforms including iOS and Android. Each episodes of game has 15 levels, however first two episodes have 10 levels. The developers added Dreamworld levels after every two weeks. Candy Crush Saga game is like addict for over 50 million users across the world.

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This article guides you Candy Crush Saga Tips and Tricks you need to know to play the game with more accuracy.


Whether you are playing on Laptop or Mobile Phone, you have to make sure that you have sufficient charging backup with at least 80% and more as the one life in game can redeem about 5 to 10 percent battery life.

Free Lollipops:

Candy Crush Saga Free lollipop

When you start playing the game, you get three lollipop candies. You have to use them only in need of times. Keep in mind that, they are the only free stuff that you will get free of cost throughout the game. Use them accordingly, i.e. you will get three free lollipops which can be use to smash a piece of candy. Do not use these lollipops too early, as these are only three gifts that you will get, plan them for later use, as you have to pass hundreds of levels. After consuming the lollipops, you have to pay for every move.


Keep in mind that the game is easy till 30th level, and after that the game act faster and hard that you may surprise by the moves. Candy Crush Saga act quickly from level 28, while the 30th level is known for challenging approach that will test your skills to make decisions timely.

Move wisely:

The game gives you a certain numbers of moves to complete the level. It is handy to complete the level one move before the last turn, as some time you may have to play the level again if you completed it in your last turn.

Ignore suggestion by game:

Candy Crush Saga gives you suggestion by lightning the candies if you didn’t make a move for a period of time. You need to avoid these flashing candies as these moves are not best for you. You should use your own abilities to think analytically and choose best move.

Bomb and Stripe:

You should clear more rows in lower number of moves. The explosion of a bomb and a stripe candy can eliminate three rows in both horizontal and vertical directions. Such types of moves will help you in harder level when you have to clear large number of jellies in limited moves.

Match two stripes:

The matching of two strips in either direction will eliminate the one entire row of candies in both horizontal and vertical direction.

Match five candies:

You will get favorable results of clearing more candies when you will match 5 candies of same color same time.

Sprinkle Candy:

The Sprinkle Candy helps you to eliminate same color candies from board when you will hit it in any of its neighbor.

Matching Bombs:

The Bomb helps you to to blow up the candies around it when you will match three bombs of a kind. Further matching of a sprinkle candy with a bomb will turn other candies of that color into mini bombs.

Match Two Sprinkle Candies:

Getting two sprinkle candies at any stage is very rare in Candy Crush Saga. If you get them, match them and see the wonders.

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