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Microsoft new Release Windows 8.1 news and updates.

Best Windows Phone Games 0

5 Interesting Windows Phone Gaming Apps

Windows Phone App Store is getting attention of more users day by day, it has 300K+ Active Apps till date and more app developers are adding more apps. Windows based phones include Nokia Lumia...


Interesting Windows Phone Games

Later we have discussed a lot about different mobile phone games but now here is an article about windows phone games. There are great smartphone games that won’t cost you a penny, and not...

Good Bye Windows XP 0

Good Bye Windows XP

Windows XP is the one of the most used OS on Desktop Devices with a 21 percent market share, XP is still used by many people who love its classical features. However every rise...


App Watch: Modern Periodic Table

If we see the apps category wise on Windows Apps Store, the Books & Referance Category is dominating the position with 14,000 unique apps under the head section of this category. A handy strength...


Missing things in Windows 8

Though Windows 8 has crossed the 100 million users and stand at the 5th rank as Windows 7 is still account for 53 percent market share for Windows Operating System, but Windows 8 still...