Best Web Browsers for Mobile Users

Smartphone Mobiles have become most useable devices these days, as these smart devices can perform almost all relevant task from making calls, sending sms, mails, browsing, watching videos, setting alarms, getting help from maps and much more. One main feature that these devices are offering is ability to act as Personal Assistant of any person who owns it, as you can set notes, reminders, alarms, video conferencing, can use as Document Scanner and other office related tasks. The activities that involved searching internet depend on a browser, and choosing right browser for your Mobile is very important depending on your requirements.

AppsTeller is enlisting the following browsers that are marked as best by public due to their functionality.

Best Web Browsers for Mobile Users

1: Google Chrome:

android logo with chrome

Available for iOS and Android

Google Chrome is working as default web browser for several Android Mobiles, if still you Android Mobile didn’t has Google Chrome browser, then you can download it from Play Store or . Chrome renders content more elegantly with speedy processing so that you can surf more time on internet.


It offers seamlessly access, sync option across devices, open tabs and bookmarking.

It cuts usage of mobile data by half way when browsing

Voice search make it easy for you to find all relevant options

Enjoy fast blazing browsing experience

Can read web content of any language without any hurdle

Further you can use Incognito mode while browsing to keep maintain privacy without saving history

Google Play Link for Chrome

2: Opera Mini:

opera mini for android

Available for iOS and Android

Opera Mini is said to be one of the earliest Mobile Browser that render web pages over mobile devices. It provides better user experience even to those who are using slower network connections. Using Opera Mini, you can switch between default compression mode and a newer Turbo mode. The good thing is that Turbo compresses the data without changing the look and appearance of site.


Provides fast compression of data without changing appearance of site

Cut the costs of Internet bills by using 90% less data than other browsers

The navigation option offers clear visual buttons and layout

Easily installable on any Mobile that can use Internet Services

You can maintain your privacy using Opera Mini

Google Play Link for Opera Mini

3: UC Browser:

UC Browser for Android

Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java and Blackberry

This UC Browser is getting popularity and attention since its launch this year in April. The browser has a strong hold in China and Indian Internet users, while users from other regions are also converting to it. It also works as alternate browser for Windows Phone platform mobiles. Like Opera Mini and Chrome, UC browser also has a compression mode with the ability to compress pages upto 85%, however it is struggling with some compressed websites. The speed is not match able with first two browsers, but still is getting attention for its functionality.


Offer offline reading option

Comes with intelligent Download Manager to resolve downloading issues

Will pause downloading when internet connection is facing problems

Will resume downloading from where it lost the internet connection

It will continue downloading even if you close UC Browser

Google Play Link for UC Browser


With the following features and functionality, you can choose any of the browser that can fulfill your needs.

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