Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid by Wacom for Graphic Designers

Wacom indeed has a decent approach to develop the tools to get out the creativity of public. Mainly it is involved in production of graphics tools for graphic designers for various price ranges.

Wacom released Two high end Tablets with rich graphics in August Last year named as Cintiq Companion and the Cintiq Companion Hybrid. The two Tablets are best for those who are involved in Graphics.

The said tablets have Windows 8 and Android as their Operating System respectively. But the cost for these two tablets is very high. Here is the short review for both Tablets by Wacom.

Cintiq Companion:

wacom cintiq companion samsung smart pc

This Tablet has more functions and also the price for you as it is both the PC and Cintiq or the tool kit for designer to improve their creativity. It provides the creativity professional to your work and assists the designer. You can find as your assistant in creating, developing and editing the visuals

So this is a tool that will lead you to the wonderful world of Cintiq and the range of software tools will make you a perfect designer with your skills to show the world your talent, designing skills, attitude, mind thinking and professional look.


Cintiq Companion will provide you the full HD display for you and its screen is of 13.3 Inch, while it will have Core i7 processor along with 8 GB of RAM to support you the high speed of processing and other program. It will have Intel HD 4000 as its GPU. It has the option of storage as 256 and 512 GB. The thing that makes it popular and most demanding by the designer is the pro-pen stylus support that enables it to supports 2048 pressure sensitivity levels.


The price depends upon the storage capacity i.e. 2000 USD for 256GB and 2500 USD for 512 GB.

Cintiq Companion Hybrid:

This featured device provides you the taste of both designing tool serving as a desktop device while same time it is a best Android tablet and you can use this as your sketchpad any time from any where with you own ease. So it provides you the facility to sketch your ideas any time when you got a unique idea.


This devie by Wacom is marked as modest with more ease of use of the two as works as PC at desktop and a Tablet with Android OS. The display screen is also same for Cintiq Companion Hybird as it also has 13.3 inch screen with Full HD resolution support. It will have Quad-Core NVidia Tegra 4 as its processor. 2 GB of RAM is installed on its panel while it also has the NVidia Graphics support too. User can also use it as a display device by connecting it to the PC or to MAC. It has the storage capacity of 16 or 32 GB.


Its price is 1500 USD for 16 GB version while 1600 USD for 32 GB version.

Launching Date:

The said tablets will be available from this October and you are required to niche artist sense to use it with comfort. Though these are expensive but the graphics support and features are very handy that make the device attracting for designers especially.

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