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Da-Jiang Innovations also known as DJI based in China is drone manufacturing company that comes with its’ first drone in January 2013. Frank Wang founded the company after his graduation from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Now Wang’s company is leading world in terms of more revenue from Drones.

phantom professional

Wang has beaten its European and US competitors, as China based Tech Giant is giving really tough time to its international competitors including Parrot AR Drone (a European company who earned $45 million) for the year 2013 and California based 3D Robotics Inc who earned $50 million for the same time period. On the other hands, SZ DJI has earned $131 for the same time period. On the other hands, TheVerge has predicted that the Chinese based Drones Manufacturer will reach a sales of $1 billion.

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Phantom 3 Series Drone Devices:

Phantom 3 Video Editor

DJI has launched its new Drones series named Phantom 3 on 8th April 2015. The Phantom Series Drones are light weight, easy to operator, and comes with more affordable price tag. DJI has released Phantom 3 in two variants including Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 3 Professional.

Variations in Phantom 3 Drones:

Phantom 3 Advanced can capture videos and still images with 1080 pixels High Definition quality with a 12 Megapixel camera, while Phantom 3 Professional gives you perfect command and control to shoot 4K videos. The two variants come with reasonable price tags of $999 for Phantom 3 Advanced Drone, while Phantom 3 Professional Drone comes with $1259 price tag. The Phantom 3 Drones are match able in terms of specs with DJI Inspire 1 Drone Series, whereas Inspire 1 series was launched in 2014 for $2899 price tag.

You can enjoy the immersive fun flying experience via improved intelligent, sharp and more command able Pilot App.

Phantom 3 Drones Capabilities:

Phantom 3 by DJI comes with ability to record 6000 meters high above sea level, while you can command your Phantom 3 drones within the range of 1.2 miles or 2 KM distance.

Live Video Streaming to YouTube:

Phantom 3 drones come with built-in app and video editor that allows you to edit your vide and upload it in near real time to YouTube in order to share your experience with your family members and friends.

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DJI Pilot App:

Phantom 3 series include DJI’s Pilot app which is a Powerful Mobile App and is compatible with both Android and iOS. The app is simple to use and comes with more intuitive interface. Good thing about Phantom 3 App is that the Pilot app is constantly updated to give you the best flight experience possible.

Flight Simulator:

The flight simulator helps you to have your hands as drone flying operator. The interactive flight simulator gives you lifelike experience, so you need not to go outside for practicing as you can directly operato Phantom 3 Drone with easy to use interface.

Phantom 3 is designed to entertain Android and iOS subscribers. You just need to connect your Smartphone Mobile or Tablet, and you are done.

Agriculture monitoring

Weather forecasting

Hollywood usage

Military purposes

Event coverage

Tracking purposes

And many other numerous features.

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