Comparison of iOS 7 with Android & other platforms

Recently Apple has launched its latest Operating System iOS 7 with some changes though it is a beta version but some features are very similar to the latest Android OS. The innovative features are welcomed but the case is not so good for the latest OS by Apple. Here is the comparison of iOS 7 with Android latest OS along with other OS.

Comparison of iOS 7 with Android & other platforms

Control Center:

Control Center for iOS 7 & Android OS

iOS 7 brings a control panel that appears from the bottom of display screen, and is much similar to the Android OS. Control center provides easy access to the features include Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth etc with shortcuts to normal routine apps like Clock, Camera.

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 also has a control that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer while Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 haven’t Control Center

Multi Tasking:

Multi Tasking

Apple introduced this feature in iOS 7 for the first time which allows the user to switch between the apps, in previous version of Apple the apps were listed with the icon. The idea of swipe is similar to the Android. The Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 users can also enjoy the multitasking.

Notification Center:


iSO 7 improves the notification center as it is already present in the previous version. Apple divided notification center into three tabs heading with Today, all and missed. This make it easy for the user who tend to use Calendar app. This also enables the user to set that what notifications are to be displayed.

Talking about the Android notification center which has a very decent notification center providing toggle and music control to user. While Windows 8 doesn’t have a notification center and BlackBerry 10 has HUB as a notification center to facilitate its users.

Automatic Updates:


Automatic Update is a very popular feature for the Smartphones. Apple introduce this feature in iOS which will update the app(s) automatically without engaging you for updating the apps. You will receive the notification that app(s) are updated.

This is a popular feature in Android OS. Android Jelly Bean don’t have option of updating apps by itself after the installation of app. To update app automatically user has to select the option of automatic update while downloading the app. The Windows 8 user can update the apps just in one move, but BlackBerry user can update the apps one by one.

Password Protection:

The password protection is really a superb idea for iOS 7 as it protect the customers benefit as this feature has made it impossible to use or sale your Phone without any without Apple ID, this feature is not a part of Android based Smartphone. Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry also haven’t this feature.


Apple brought many changes to its browser Safari, now you can see that the Safari’s Tab is much look like now as Chrome by Google. The addition of Unified browsing bar to Safari adds the value of browser. Coming towards the Android who has already central browser for all tabs you open in the browser.

Both Windows Phone 8 & BlackBerry also has the Browser bar.

iCloud Keychain:

This feature allows the user to sync saved username and password with Safari on the Mac and safari on the on the iOS devices device , so you no longer have to remember every one of write them down and risk getting them lost or stolen.  This is exactly the same feature Google Chrome provides to Android users.

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