Conceptual design of Galaxy S6 with Plastic Body

From the invention of desktop based devices, we witnessed the rapid development in the Technological devices i.e. heavy Computers replaced by Personal Computers, PC replaced by Laptop and now palm computers like Tablets and Smartphone are on their way. Every day we see a new handset with some new features which proofs that   mobile technology has been growing at very fast rate.

Concept and design of Galaxy S6

Now the folks from the Apple Conspiacy have created concept render of the Samsung Galaxy S6. So one can easily judge the conceptual design of Galaxy S6 which also point out the shape of Galaxy S series,, however it doesn’t revealed about the features of Galaxy S6. But it is expected that Samsung will introduce something unique or innovative to use it as market term.

Concept and design of Galaxy S6

The fact is that with the release of every S series model, the screen size of has increase from the previous one though up to some extent. According to the assumption, the conceptual design which Vua 7 Dance suggests is that it Samsung Galaxy S6 will have 6 Inch screen with the support of super
AMOLED touch screen display.

While it will have plastic body along with the nano coating that will be used to protect it and named as hyperskin.

Concept and design of Galaxy S6

This device will have Android 6.0 as its Operating System with GravityUX. While the Camera of the said design will be same as the recently leaked Nokia EOS, the Camera will have 33 MP of sensor paired with Xenon flash, while the front camera will be massive 8 MP support. Other specifications include the Internal memory which will be with 32, 64 and 128 GB and with 6 GB of RAM.

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