Android Apps for Cooking Lovers

Android Apps for Cooking Lovers

This article is about the food recipes and is best for those who got tired from their old cookbook . This article is about the person who loves the different Pasta Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Chocolate Recipes, Salad tips. The step-by-step guide guideline  help trained and untrained as well equally. You can find recipes that can be prepared within few minutes and also the traditional recipes.

1: Happystove Recipes

Happystove Recipes

A must have app for food taste lover which introduce the food lovers a new horizon of taste. The collections of recipes are original and each recipe is very well explained step-by-step. The traditional taste let you make cook all the recipes in your daily routine life. Using this app you can search and view recipes from Easy to navigate and categorized recipes list with photos guidelines. A fast and easy way to prepare good healthy dinner with rich taste such as pasta, lasagna, pizza, desserts, salads, chicken and appetizers.

Download The App: Happystove Recipes

2: Cooklet for tablets


This app is best for food lovers all around the world and culinary which includes library of cooking recipes useful cooking tools and active food lover’s community with great resolution quality on tablet to show you great picture quality. No app to compare this with, by far one of the best apps available right now. You have so many recipes to not to try but to just cook and enjoy the real recipes taste.

Download The App: Cooklet for tablets

3: Cooking recipes video lessons


This app teaches the cooking to user with fun. So stick with your chefs to learn cooking, no matter what cooking skills you have this app is designed for all level. A starter and trained user both can take benefit in real time from this app through video guidelines. The classes are updated on weekly basis to explore you through new cooking tips, new tasty recipes, instructions for what ratio is best for mixing ingredients and which combination is best, guideline for tasty sauces . Share your comments and experience through Facebook, Twitter or through mail. Keep tracks of videos so you can try again and again when you required by bookmarks. Have good cooking time.

Download The App: Cooking recipes video lessons

4: Chocolate Recipes!


A chocolate world for passionate chocolate lover. In that fanatic chocolate world one can find 600 and more Chocó recipes from cookies and cakes to candies and truffles, and these rich chocolate flavors are much enough to fulfill the needs of chocolate lovers. These recipes takes the chocolate lover to the world of rich that recipes include traditional as well new recipes with original taste. Some of the recipes are; Triple Chocolate Fudg, Death by chocolate, Chocolate Covered Truffles, World’s Best Hot Chocolate, Rocky Road Candy, Mudslide Brownies, Congo Bars, Double Chocolate Cherry Bourbon Balls, Rocky Road Candy, Millionaires Pie, Chocolate Malt Shoppe Pie and so many others enough for you to try one recipe twice a day for the whole year. So enjoy your favorite recipe(s) by using this app.

Download The App: Chocolate Recipes

5: Pasta Recipes


Ultimate Pasta recipe app for special occasions as for day-to-day life. A rich Pasta Taste collection of Pasta recipes, a real gift for Pasta lovers. You can find unique ideas like dinner, pasta dinner, Italian cooking, Pasta recipes, pasta salad recipes and best Pasta Taste. Enjoy new horizon of Pasta taste.

Download The App: Pasta Recipes

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