Cortana to replace Siri in coming Future

Chang is the part of life, and you may notice that how old fashioned big Computers being replaced by Desktop Computers and now we are using palm devices, tablets and Smartphones. The time is not so far when Microsoft based Personal Digital Assistant Cortana will give tough time to Siri. The inspiration of Cortana was taken from Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The Cortana is likely to predict and anticipate for humans but not likely to just work as a robot to pick the command.

Cortana will work better than Siri, the demo by Vice-President enlighten the future working environment of Smart devices including Mobiles and Tablets. Microsoft will make Contra available with the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update and will likely to act as a anticipated Personal Assistant. Actually it is a mixture of both Siri and Google Now.

More specifically Microsoft in very first public demo asked the Contrana to find some a good place for foodlers, Cortana return with a single result instead of providing a list of restaurants.

Microsoft based Cortana comprises of digital notebook including personal information and preferences as any real personal assistant can have, however if you feel this too much involvement you can eliminate/reduce the information from note book as well. You can also bound Cortana to wait for approval for before reading your emails. But I think you can enjoy with a personal assistant if you trust more on him/her as PA means a person too much close and personal with you.

Further Cortana can help you a lot in reading text messages and call phones. More and additional information makes Cortana contextually aware about you as she will learn quickly about your importance and preferences. You can also use her as an intermediary like to ask her to remind you about a specific quote, talk or anything special when you are in conversation with a person or in a business meeting.

Indeed Microsoft is preparing to launch best of its product in Smartphone market. The features and endless ability of Cortana makes it better than Siri and Google Now. Use it for any purpose like from PC to Xbox etc.

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