Duolingo App Review : The best free language learning app in store

Duolingo APP Review

In today’s world, knowing more than one language isn’t only useful, it’s almost becoming necessary. As a society, we’re a great blend of many cultures and nations that continuously come together, and different languages are spoken constantly. If you find yourself in an area where your native language is secondary, or you simply want to brush up on your skills of a new language, there is no better way to do just that than with Duolingo.

Duolingo is the best free language learning app available, unlike any other language app out there. Not only does it make learning a new language fun, and interesting, but it works so well, you’ll be speaking new words, phrases, and more, in no time! Duolingo keeps you motivated to keep learning by turning their platform into a sort of ‘game’, where you are essentially competing against yourself, and how well you do. From lesson grades, to streak counts and hearts, Duolingo keeps you motivated to keep going with your lessons, and to do a good job to beat your own personal best score.

The best thing about Duolingo is that you can take it with you wherever you go. If you have a long train commute in the morning, if you’re early to a meeting, if you’re waiting for someone, etc., you can simply pull out your phone or tablet, and do a lesson! Duolingo’s lessons are relatively short in length, and it’s easy to get through one in just several minutes, so you can learn virtually wherever you are, at any time.

The people at Duolingo are so confident in their app, that they actually ran their own studies to determine its effectiveness and how well it works, only to find out that using the Duolingo app to study a foreign language is actually more effective and quicker than learning that same language through a semester of schooling. In fact, Duolingo is actually used in schools all over now, to supplement language lessons and allow kids to learn languages faster.

Language is what connects us all together, and it’s important that we can speak more than our own native language in order to communicate with everyone, whether they’re in our country, or we happen to be in theirs. Duolingo makes this easier than ever, and they’re allowing everyone to be one step closer to a more connected, harmonious world. Duolingo is the easiest way to learn a new language, and truly the best free language learning app available today.

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