Facebook Amber Alert to Help find Missing One

Facebook is believe to be a place where missing persons can search for their relatives, recently the CEO of Faebook, Mark Zuckerberg has announced to launch Amber Alerts. Facebook will assist with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, while Facebook will send Amber Alerts to its users to specific areas where a child has gone missing.

Amber Alerts

This way, now you can help to locate a missing child by surfing your Facebook Account. A few movements ago, the CEO of Facebook share a post which stated that,

“We’re launching Amber Alerts to use the power of our community to help find missing children.


Over the past few years, we’ve seen people using Facebook on their own to help find kids who have been abducted. This inspired a team of us here to build a better tool so you can use Facebook to help reunite families.

We care deeply about this work. Facebook isn’t just about sharing the moments in your life — it’s also about helping our community be a force for good in the world.”

The Security, Trust and Safety Manager for Facebook, Mr. Emily Vacher said in a speaking with ABC News that, “Facebook … in essence in this situation, is the world’s largest neighborhood watch.”

Missing Persons

Facebook will send the targeted Amber Alert to the news feed on uses Smartphone or PC, the alert will cover the detailed information from law enforcement which will issue the Amber Alert before Facebook to send it.

According to Vacher, the alert may include Picture of Child, a vehicle description and any relevant information that could be beneficial in this regard.

Before this, Facebook has helped so many people to find out their missing persons, a famous example is Katheryn Deprill (got fame as Burger King Baby), as her mother left her in Burger King Fast Food Restaurant. Katheryn started her campaign to found her mother in February 2014, and she found her mother within 3 weeks after her campaign, as her campaign got attention across the world.

katheryn deprill

katheryn deprill found her biological mother via facebook in March 2014

Talking about Amber Alerts, Recipients of Amber Alert can share these with their friends to extend the search and pay their role in a struggle to locate the child.

On this spot, the co-founder of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Mr. John Walsh said that, ““Most children that are going to be murdered by a perpetrator, it’s done immediately, within the first four hours, This gives hope to the loved ones and parents of missing children.”

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