Free iPhone Apps of 2013, you should have on your iPhone

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod touch and iPad, many of them are free of cost.Following list shows you the free apps for the iOS platform.

1: Facebook:

No doubt Facebook is the world’s largest Social network is able to provide you some joy and relaxations when you feel boring and due to routine work you also feel irritating. Now feel the Facebook experience on iPhone and iPod touch. You can remain in touch with your contacts can give feedback and can get other information related to their social life. Using Facebook through the iOS is a very enthrall experience as it focus more on the performance and is superior to using the Facebook in a desktop browser.


Download the App: Facebook

2: RunKeeper:

The prospect of Nike+ but better and for free might sound unlikely, but that’s what RunKeeper provides. In the past the app was available in two versions i.e. free & pro version and you have to pay for some extra and dashing features, but now the developer included all of the features in just one version I.e. free version so you need not to buy the most demanding version for your favorite app.

So using this app, user can track down the jogging and cycling routes and provides you the facility of mapping your way for any reasonable cause and details of your pace and what are the rate of calories you have burned during your trip of morning or evening walk. All these things can be done using the iPhone. You can share the statistics online. One more thing that this iOS app provides you that treadmill runs and some other details regarding the exercise you can manually entered as you thinks fit.


Download the App: RunKeeper

3: Dropbox:

So many apps are there for sharing the content between your computer and device may be with some charges that one may not like to pay for that service. Dropbox provides you these types of services free of cost. Its more capturing feature is its ease to use it. What you all need to do is to just add the files in a folder you required to sync on the PC. Now what will Dropbox will do for you is that it will enable you to access them at a click length. You can download the files if you want to view them offline or just view them online.


 Download the App: Dropbox

4: PhotoSynth:

If you are looking for a user friendly Photo Panorama App that will facilitate you and having fun while capturing the image then the PhotoSynth is the app you are looking for. You may think that the iOS camera app also have the panorama mode the PhotoSynth is a traditional and flexible and works comprehensible with older devices.


Download the App: PhotoSynth.

5: National Rail Inquiries:

This is a very useful tool for those who have to travel by the train several times, so you can have this app for your iPhone. You can plan you Journey details, timetables and locations and the detail of next train home option and also the progress of tracking that when the train is likely to show up.  It’s not as usable nor as pretty as UK Train Times, but it is broadly similar – and five quid cheaper.


Download the App: National Rail Inquiries.

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