Games Releases This September

This post covers the interest of those people who are crazy to know about new game release this September.

1: Velocity 2x:

Velocity 2x video game

Velocity 2X will release on 3rd September, earlier Velocity video game was available for Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, and Play Station Vita. Now the developers are going to release Veloctity 2X. the newer version of video game involves playing with jet (teleporting spacecraft). You as a player have to defeat your enemies by deploying bombs. Enjoying the game, the main theme of the game is to rescue stranded ships. You will enjoy the interesting phases of game as you have to avoid certain obstacles, while the stranded ships can only be rescued after disabling the specific shield. Velocity 2X will be available on Plastation Vita and Playstation 4.

2: Valiant Hearts: The Great War:

Valiant Hearts: The Great WaValiant Hearts: The Great War is an interesting puzzle adventure game available on various platforms. Good news for iPod and iPad holders is that, this interesting game will be available for iPad and iPod as developers are going to release the game on 4th of the September. The game is inspired by the love story of a German soldier during Great War. The German Soldier writes letter to his wife, as the couple missed each other during war when France deported German citizens. The game tells about survival, sacrifice and friendship. Playing this game, you can feel your presence in World War 1.

3: Dead Rising 3:

Dead RisingGood News for PC users is that famous and horror Video Game Dead Rising 3 will be available for PCs from 5th of the September, 2014. Dead Rising 3 is an open world survival full of terror of zombies. The game was published by Microsoft Studios. The game was only part of Xbox One on its release. As a player of Dead Rising 3, you have to search for weapons to have a brave fight with Zombies and to complete the task. The game also has a nightmare mode which is a good feature for those who want to enjoy traditional time limit and saving option as well.

4: Wasteland:

Wasteland for PC

Wasteland is a gift for those who want to enjoy games based on Science fictions. The game is published by EA in 1988, while the game was also release for other platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X. Wasteland game tells about a nuclear holocaust. The game will be available for PC users after 19th September 2014.

5: FIFA 15:

Keeping in view the success of Football World Cup held in Brazil, EA Sports is eyeing to generate more revenue by launching FIFA 15 game this September. Korean Tech Company Samsung has also cashed out the idea by making an awesome video in which all football players wearing latest wearable devices are playing to save planate earth. The upcoming game will almost be available for all platforms including Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. The game will be available on 23rd September 2014 in North America, 25th September in Europe and 26th September in UK.

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