World Record: German Researchers Transmit the Data @ 100 Gbps

Time is Money, and now the people who are successful has developed the habits to save their time by performing their time in less time.

The fastest growing sector from all around the word is indeed IT Sector which is very vast in its own nature with so many sub categories. Communication is one of them, and faster means of communication are always fascinating one for all.

The German Researchers have successfully transmitted the Data with a record breaking transmitting speed of 100 Gbps per second with a frequency of 237.5 GHz at a distance of 20 meters within the same laboratory. It is to be noted that the previous record was @ 40 Gbps at 1 KM distance under the project name of Millilink.

The German Researchers use the Photonic technique so that the radio signals can be generated at the transmitter, after radio signals generated successfully, integrated electronic circuits were used in the receiver.

Professor Ingmar Kallfass who coordinated the Mimllilink project funded by ‘IAF’ & ‘KIT’ says,

“Our project focused on the integration of a broadband radio relay link into fiber-optical systems,”

“For rural areas in particular, this technology represents an inexpensive and flexible alternative to optical fiber networks, whose extension can often not be justified from an economic point of view.”

“At a data rate of 100 gigabits per second, it would be possible to transmit the contents of a blue-ray disk or of five DVDs between two devices by radio within two seconds only.”

In this world record, the powerful signals were generated by the Ultra-Broadband (Photon Mixer) developed by the NTT-NEL Japanese based Company. To receive the signals the Active Integrated Electronic Signals were used.

The record of transmitting the data at a record breaking speed and the recent experiment of Li-Fi is indicating the revolution in the Telecommunication industry, where as Samsung of Korea is also preparing for the 5th Generation Technology 5G to launch by the year 2020. This revolution will turn the vision of communication and it seems to be the first step to explore the wonder world of Space. It will indeed help the missions like carry on Mars and other planets to transmit the Data with higher speed and in bulk.

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