Get Ready for Android Silver by February Next Year

Everyone wants to promote its own products to have better control over all competitors. Samsung is the largest Smartphone Mobile Manufacturer of world, most of the Samsung’s devices come with Android as Operating System. Now Samsung is finalizing to launch Tizen its own OS for its devices. Google keeping in view the changing trends of market and to provide new stuff to its users, is also looking to launch new version of Android OS i.e. Android Silver. Android Silver will make it’s debut by February next year. The last known release by Google was Nexus, now Android fans can enjoy the features of Android Silver on Smart devices. Android Silver will cover all features of premium and latest technology.

Android Silver and Nexus:


Leaks and news about Android Silver leads to speculation that Google will end Nexus devices in order to promote the Silver devices. Such types of rumors jolted the Tech World that Nexus lovers will not be able to get anymore Nexus device, however Dave Burke (The Director of Engineering for Android) reject such type of rumors. Good thing about Android Silver is that it will be free from unwanted applications that will reduce the chances of bloatware as well.

Beneficial for Other Manufacturers:

Android Silver with Premium

Samsung is indeed the world’s best Mobile Manufacturer, but Korean based company spends a huge budget on marketing and promoting its devices. Though small companies also have good devices, but due to limited marketing budget, they failed to promote and advertise their devices properly as Samsung do. Android Silver will open the opportunities for companies like LG and Motorola as these companies have been named as initial promoter for Android Silver devices.

From user point of view:

Android Silver with Premium

Android Silver will provide better user experience. Android Silver Program will introduce Android Devices with affordability and lavish design. Android Silver will demolish the trend of providing unwanted apps by manufacturer.

Future Competition:

Android Silver with Premium

Android Silver is designed by Google to minimize the damage that can Samsung do with it’s on Operating System i.e. Tizen OS. The success of Silver version may force Samsung to be a part of that program.

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