Good Bye Windows XP

Windows XP is the one of the most used OS on Desktop Devices with a 21 percent market share, XP is still used by many people who love its classical features. However every rise has a down fall. Today Microsoft has announced to stop the updates and support in order to promote its new OS Windows 8.

Xpired XP

Windows XP is 12.5 years old, from today 8th of the April 2014, Microsoft has stopped the support for Windows XP and form today no one can get the help and technical support of Microsoft. Those systems who are using Windows XP can continue with the same OS, but the lack of technical support may hurt the users.

From 8th of the April 2014, Microsoft has officially announced that no more security updates are available for its previous OS, so the users of XP are at a greater risk of being victim of malware or virus.

Microsoft will provide support and Updates relatively newer OS Windows 8.

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