Google App Store have become largest Apps Store

The Google’s apps tore designed for the Android platform has achieved the honor of largest Application Store for the Android Platform. This rank was achieved by the Google’s App store by crossing the numbers of apps that are now more than Apple’s app store. This also makes Android the world’s largest collection of online apps store. Android apps on Google’s Play store or now more than one million as Apple’s app store has 9,000,00 app collection that are available through the Apple’s apps store.

Google Play StoreGoogle Play StoreGoogle Play Store

Play Store by Google has achieved another milestone that it has achieved 50 billion download hits and now the developers have more opportunity to earn the money than earlier as now developers are now earning two and half way more money. The reason behind this great achievement is that millions of users are using the Android as the Operating System and thus they are in need of so many apps according to their needs and requirements.

Google Play Store

These figures are much heavier than any other apps store of the world that is presence in the world like Windows Phone, Mozilla, Apple and other. Google has recently changed the name for Apps Store and has added the word ‘Play’ in the search engine. The entire designed is redesigned by the Company and this design is regarded as the user friendly as it provides more user friendly experience than ever. It is a great challenge for other apps stores to get the top position from the Google’s Play store.

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