GP Gossip Android App : All in one Formula 1 app

This new android app called “GP gossip”, is an all-in-one app for the fanatic F1 follower.

Here are some of the features it has:

F1 gossip stuff
If you are someone who is into rumours surrounding F1, then this app delivers. You can find the rumours associated with drivers or engine manufacturers by selecting the team they represent.

F1 news and live race tweets.
All F1 news and live race tweets are available on a separate page called F1 tweets. Here you get to find the latest F1 news tweets through Planet F1, and all the live race tweets available through Autosport F1 live.


F1 live chat
This is a unique chat room where you can get a live F1 commentary experience, plus it answers questions on your automobile problems by a Pro mechanic. You can also leave your questions on the Question & Answers forum, and have them attended to by a forum member.

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