Greg Christie to retire from Apple’s Human Interface Team

iPhone is indeed one of the major Smartphone manufacturer, the rank it got is due to keen interest of its employees and team work, and their keen involvement as well. Greg Christie is one of the oldest employees at iPhone development Team who leads a group of people under his leadership named Human Interface Development Team.


Christie was part of iPhone Development Team of very first iPhone Handset launched in 2007. Now after serving his company, Christie is ready to leave his older team mates and staff. The spokesman of Apple has confirmed the news.

The seat of Christie will be controlled by Vice President for Design Mr. Jonathan Lve. Lve is associated with the external outlook of Apple’s products. He is also said to play an active role in the current iPhone OS i.e. iOS 7.

Christine has hundreds of Apple patents to his own name including “Slide to Unlock”, which is very crucial one. Some rumors are such that he is planning to join another organization, while some says that he is preparing himself to get retirement from this field.

Some story tellers are of the view that Christine is leaving the Apple sue to his clash with lve, Christine is one of the oldest key members of Apple, and he reports to Apple Software Chief Craig Federighi, now it seems like that Christine is preparing to departure the Apple and Lve to take over the control form him.

Christine and Lve, both jointly start working together in 2012 after the departure of Scott Forstall who also marked Lve as a tough man.

The departure of Christie if true will be the second event of departure of high rank official form a big organization after CEO of Mozilla Steps Down from his post in past.

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