Hackers use Snowden leaks to reverse-engineer NSA surveillance devices

Edward Snowden worked as system administrator for American Intelligence CIA, later he also worked for private intelligence contractor NSA (National Security Agency). Snowden got the attention of international media when he revealed thousands of classified documents during his working at NSA. These leaks marked as most significant leaks in the history of USA.

These leaks by Snowden taught us various techniques that NSA has sued to interfere into the global communications. These leaks gave the security researchers an opportunity to develop their own technique.

Michael Ossmann and his Team:

Ossmann Hacker

The leaks include publication of NSA’s Advanced Network Technology, and this enable the Hardware maker for hacker Mr. Michael Ossmann and his team to build the two radio based surveillance devices. One of them is attachable to the connector of Computer’s Monitor for sending on-screen images, while second one can be fixed with cable of a keyboard in order to get keystrokes.


Before the leaks, no one was able to get anywhere near to know about the working terminology of so-called “retro reflectors”, but a team of hackers lead by Ossmann managed to create a device made of tiny sized transistors able to transfer wireless data with stealth and unawareness of data owner to a nearby radio point. More specifically, you can say that the intelligence officers can access and monitor those PCs who are not connected to Internet by using radio based trackers.

Defcon Hacking conference

Ossmann and his team mates are working to educate people so that they can protect themselves in near future. Many of the hackers including Ossmann and his team will participate in Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas in August to expose and re-construct NSA’s technology.

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