How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp for iPhone

WhatsApp has emerged as hot favorite social media platform that allows its users to send instant messages and other interaction on social world including sharing photos, group conversations, audio messages, video messages, emoticons and stickers.

WhatsApp and Facebook

With such growing features, the app is getting must have social media app for more than 600 million registered users. The increasing number of users attracted Mark Zuckerberg and he purchased WhatsApp for $19 Billion. Now WhatsApp is free for newly registered users and to current users, while after one year, users have to pay $1 annually as subscription charges.

WhatsApp has become a part of life for millions of users, however WhatsApp has some irritating features that are disturbing people in their daily routine life. Yes it is not just a joke or I am not one of the those people who hate WhatsApp, some of the features of WhatsApp are causing problems for people including message sent and delivered status, recent activity on WhatsApp. All these things are leaking users data, which one may want to hide from crowd.

As a WhatsApp user, you may want to hide your status, your profile picture, and you need not to provide any reason for doing that as your privacy is the most important thing in your social life. So be careful, when using social media apps.

How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp for iPhone


So now you will admit that WhatsApp has also some dark features and good things is that you can get rid of them without any problem. You need to find the settings of WahtsApp and adjust the privacy settings. Here is your Guide of How to Hide WhatsApp’s Last Seen Timestamp for iPhone

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp

–          Open WhatsApp and go to Setting icon menu

–          Tap on Accounts and then Privacy

–          Now Tap on Last Seen

–          Here you will find Nobody option that will help you to restrict the app showing your status

–          Here you can choose My Contacts to show your availability to You Contacts only

–          From here, you can also hide or show

Surely setting these options will help you to maintain your privacy and you can maintain your privacy as well.

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