History of Email invention


History Of Email

The definition of email may vary from person to person. However I think it as the exchange of information between the two departments of same or different organizations or by the two individuals. The first email system was created in 1978 at UMDNJ in Newark. Many technological terms were required to exchange the mail between two nodes. These are FORTRAN developed in 1954, Database developed in 1960, Ethernet Developed 1973 and TCP/IP developed 1978. The hardware requirements are also present at that time, all these factors are the big reason for the development of EMAIL.

It is to be noted that the developers were not in a position to access the ARPANET at that time ad that they didn’t rely on this ARPANET System.

Innovation Any Time, Any Place by Anybody:

A young man from South Asian country India has the honor to launch the first ever recognized Email system. Yes, an Indian boy aged at 14 has registered his email program as on 30th of the August 1982. This young boy was VA Shiva Ayyadurai, he was awarded by the first-ever U.S Copyright for “email” a computer program for communicating through the electronic mail system.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Common Man:

Common Man Power
Shiva was working in Newark, NJ as a research fellow, at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), which was a small institute at that time. The tutor of young boy gave him all necessary knowledge and training and boosted his confidence to change the world with his innovative and creative mind. Dr. Leslie P. Michelson challenged him to create the electronic version of the interoffice paper mail system, then in use at UMDNJ.

Now we are using the mailing system of various famous service providers like GMAIL the most populous one that time, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, BigString, Facebook messages, Myspace and others. All these are the free services for sending and receiving the mails. This innovation by the younger boy has made our concept completely false innovation and creativity can only take place in branded and big institutes and universities.


By going through the story of 14 years teenage boy Shiva we can conclude that innovation and creation are inherent to who we are and is the ultimate expression of spirit. Indeed a big inspiration for all those who are seeking their way to perform well in their relative field.

History of Email:

I am providing the event that caused in the development and improvement of email world.

Challenge for Little Boy:

Challenge In 1978 the little boy Shiva was challenged to create the full-scale electronic version of interoffice paper mail system in use at UMDNJ. The young boy accepts that challenge and in respond made the first prototype and named it as email.

Email System for UMDNJ:

This system included the Inbox, Outobx, folders to maintain the records of sent and received mails, the Memo (To, From, Subject, Date, Cc, Bcc), Attachments and the process to compose forward sort with tittles and other features to make it user friendly.

Foundation of Group:

At UMDNJ, the email system was growing in 1980 and more people were joined the group including doctors, secretaries across the department.

Reward for Little Boy:

In 1981Westinghouse Award was given to the little boy in reorganization of his invention. This award is also known as “Baby Nobel’s”.

Protection to the Right:

The Young Boy was awarded by the certification to safe his rights by protecting his innovation through Copyright for first ever recognized email system. This was done on August 30th of 1982 exactly 31 years ago. The registration number is TXU-111-775.

Offline Email:

In 1985 users are introduced to new feature that enabled them to store the emails on their PC. After storing emails to their PC they can read it while they are offline.


The first ever commercially available email system was EUDORA by Steve Dorner used on LAN.

Outlook by Microsoft:

In 1992 the Microsoft launched its mailing system.


In 1995 the first IEM Integrated Email Management system was launched to help the corporate business to support their business.

Hot Mail:

In 1996 Hot Mail became the most used and populous mail system at that time.


This is the year when Yahoo took the control of email world and rule the world.


This is the year of 1999 hen BlackBerry bang in the mail world by providing the service via mobiles. This is a totally new buzzword for world.


The President of America in 2003 signs into law to frame the penalties for unsolicited emails.


In 2007, the Google start to provide the mail service and now it is the most used service for mailing in the entire world.


By the year of 2009 the mailing to each other was become more easy and accessible when American Mobile Company Apple start the iPhone 3G mailing service.

This is the very short outlook that how the history of email is going through the innovations and changes. And now we are celebrating the 21st anniversary of Email.

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