How can I make good income through my Android App

Every Android Developer aims to develop such an app that can bring them fame and can earn for them. Indeed every android developer wants to develop one of the best app, especially those developers who are going to make debut in android app launching. Whether you are going to launch your first app, are you has launched several apps, you have to follow certain steps to make your app success, to get so many downloads, force users to go for pro version and to make your app a financial success.



The very first thing you should ask yourself is that what unique and attractive thing you will offer to your users. You have to set the sort of uniqueness and innovation you will offer to your audience. Whether you are working on a entertainment app, medical app, music app, live streaming app or any other app, its User Interface is the very basic thing that attracts users as easy to use and easy to navigate UI and design wins the heart of users. Further you can also offer any other unique feature that is not available for your audience.

Make attractive Video:

The video of your app should be eye-catching and awesome to grab the attention of user. You can hire professional free lancer, however selecting a talented person is a key to develop a catchy video.


Screenshots play vital role in the success or failure of any app, as the visual content gives a brief idea about your product. Making professional looking screenshots are important factor, so you must have advance Photoshop skills or has to hire a person for that.

Social Media Promotion:

Social media is very important for you app, as social media can play an important role in promoting you app and to get reviews from users. Avoid getting fake likes and followers as they will only increase cost, and may add some negative impact on your social media campaign as well.

SEO of your app:

Use relevant and catchy description for you app, you can also learn about how to promote you app in search indexing by applying different SEO and ASO techniques.

Ask your Friends for help:

Asking friend, family members, colleagues, class mates and other close ones to like the social media page and to download the app is a good idea to go with. You can get quality reviews from them as well, however the reviews should be fair and neutral one. Keep in mind that initial downloads and their reviews are important for success of your app.

Publish reviews of your app:

You can find certain sites which can write a unique review of your android app. From here, you can also get a link to your app as well along with a catchy description.

Social Media Options:

You can finds dozens of social media platforms, where you can promote your app including YouTube, Dailymotion, Quora, Scoopit, and others.

Stick with time:

You need to stick with these guidelines in order to promote your android app without any paid marketing campaign. You can stick with this campaign for 4-6 weeks, and then you will see the growing numbers of hits from search engines and external links. Your app will get hits for more downloads within about a month or two, growing numbers of downloads means more revenue from adds, and gradually you will see a rise in your weekly earnings from adds.

Hope so you can get an idea about how to earn from your android app with no paid marketing strategy and with less sources.

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