How to enable New Tabbed Gmail Inbox Style

The revolution in IT industry brought a sense of ease for the human, every day we tend to face a innovation in every walk of life. Mail system has made it easy for the organizations to share the information and files in a short period may be in seconds from one corner of world to other. Today many companies are providing the mail service for free of cost, and I find the Google mail service on the top ranking, the reason behind the success of Gmail is that Google has successfully managed the things time by time and enhance the performance and Interface that capture more and more users.

Many of the Organizations are using the Gmail which shows the interest of people on Google and shows that Google has batter services to offer than its competitors. The continuous updating to Gmail result as top ranked mail service and user form all platform benefit from service either web user or mobile user or any other. Recently Google introduce the latest Niche Tabbed Gmail Inbox to its mail service which allows the user to get and store the mails category wise.

To make your inbox tabbed view, follow the easy steps:

Open any browser and sign in to your Gmail account

Select the setting Icon from top right side of the browser window

This will open the drop down list showing different option for browser settings, theme option and other

You have to select the Configure inbox option from list

This will open a pop-up window showing 5 different Tab option include Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Select your desired tab(s) and after making essential settings and in last click on the save button.

Tabbed Mail Box

Tabbed Gmail Box

You can see that this action indicating the info about your setup. Select ok to confirm the changes. It’s already evident that the new categorized / tabbed organizational setup will not be to everyone’s liking, but it definitely has the potential to make things a lot easier for those Gmail users who have large and often unorganized in boxes.

To return to the previous stage, just click on the Setting geared Icon and click on the Configure inbox, this will open the pop-up box again, unchecked all the categories except the primary which is auto selected. This will return your Gmail inbox to the previous stage.

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