How to Enhance Android Phone Memory

Android Phones are provided by powerful functionalities and even some of the Android Phones are available on very cheap rates. What are the ground facts that the Android Phone manufacturers provide the cheap Android Smartphone Mobiles is that with mid specifications and with low Internal Memory, which resulted in shortage of memory on several occasions. After using your Android Phone for quite a while, you may run short of internal memory due to the fact that the messages, mails, contacts, settings and apps are stored on internal storage of your Android Phone, so you will face shortage of internal memory soon and hence you will not be able to install new apps on your Android Phone. The problem is that you can’t increase the internal memory of your Android Phone else the instance solution that will help you is to go for a regular SD Card using the SD Card Slot.

Boost Your Android Phone Memory

This post covers the facts which tell about how to overcome the shortage of internal memory.

Root Your Device:

Rooting is a way to refresh and reorganize your Android Phone in a better way so that you can utilize your phone with ease and comfort. Rooting Android Phones give you lot of benefits which are seamless. Rooting allows Android User to amend in Phone, change or alter apps, files and settings. Further the user can install the apps, which are not offered or banned by manufacturer. No need to worry, as almost every phone can be easily rooted. After rooting you can uninstall all unwanted apps that you dislike on your Android Phone, but before rooting, take a NANDROID BACKUP first to avoid any mess with your Phone. After rooting, you can install/uninstall any app with ease using Link2SD App. Don’t worry; you can restore your Android Phone to its default position by Unrooting your Phone to Official firmware of that phone to avail benefits like to avail warranty. However, I suggest you to remain away from system files in order to avoid any problem.

You can install Link2SD in order to uninstall the apps that you didn’t need on your phone, but be careful with system files. So after installation of Link2SD, open it and tap on system using top filter like icon followed by selecting the app which you want to uninstall from your Android Phone. Move forward towards Action and then towards Uninstall. This will remove the app permanently from you Phone.

move system apps using link2sd

Wipe off the Cache of your Phone:

Surfing and exploring internet on your Android Phone will result in full of cache memory and further resulted in low internal memory capacity, you have to download the History Eraser App from Google Play Store in order to free the internal memory. It works just like CCleaner on PC Systems.

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