How to fix corrupted memory card/ SD Card

Memory Card or SD Card has become an essential part of our life in the current era of technological revolution. Almost every device from simple feature phone to Smartphone (Android Phone, iOS devices, Windows Phone etc) to Digital Cameras, Handy Cams, mp3, mp4 and other players, portable media, voice recorders, external USB devices and/or any other storage media uses micro SD card as a storage device. These memory cards offer a convenient way to connect, share and exchange the data, files, photos and other data. The problem with these memory cards or SD cards is that they often encounter with some sort of error and you may hang with problem like memory card error for any or for unknown reason.

Such types of errors are normally known as memory card not formatted errors and Google Search Engine shows hits for term How to fix corrupted memory card to resolve such errors. You may recover your data including photos, files, videos, and other data from your corrupted memory card.

What is corrupted memory card error?

You may have experience the error which may prevent you to ask to format your memory card by system to use your memory card again. As you know, the format option isn’t easy for you as you will lose your entire data.

Recover your data from Corrupted Memory Card:

There is a solution to every problem, and the solution for your corrupted memory card is that you can recover your data by using any software and then format it. So please download the software “download memory card recovery software” and install it on your PC.

Please keep in mind that the software is available for trail without any cost, however you can buy it for $39.95 to use full version.

You have to disconnect your memory card from your camera, phone, mp3 player or any other device to recover your data from it. Use a USB card reader to connect your card with your PC.

Insert your memory/SD card in card reader and connect it with PC via USB port. You memory card should shown as a drive in your PC.

memory card recovery software

Now run the memory card recovery software that you download and install on your PC from above mentioned link in order to start scan process.

Select the memory card drive and then press next button to start the process of recovery.

You will be shown by files and you can choose and select require files you want to recover.

Click on recover button to recover the files.

If you are not in a position to recover your files, you need to format your card and then start the recovery process as above mentioned.

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