How to get back the Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Hi Friends. Hope so your fine and playing your positive role for the betterment of humanity. Coming to the point, this article is about how one can find his lost, misplaced or dislocated Android Phone. As these Android Phones are expensive and one can not afford to lost it in any way. So he/she must look after the Phone. However if anyone lost his phone or misplaced the phone in the surroundings, no need to worry as I am telling you the way that will really help you to get it back in no time. Read the article carefully and thoroughly  Please like us on social media if you find this article helpful.

Here are the two Android apps that will help you in real term.

Recover Android within your Surroundings:

This paragraph is useful if you lost your Android Phone somewhere within your home, workplace or office cabin i.e. in the pocket of your jacket, in the table drawer, it may be near to you but on vibrate or silent mode.

Where’s My Droid :

This app is really helpful in term that you can find the misplaced Phone by texting it a special code, it will vibrate as soon as it will receives the code your Phone will play an alert tone even if your phone is on vibrate or in silent mode. You can also find your Phone on Google Maps using the GPS location of Phone, So simply send a text message of “attention” , this app also provides the ability to delete your data remotely  to keep your data from the unauthorized access .

This app requires Android OS 2.2 or later version.

Download this app from here: Google Play

Lookout Security and Antivirus:

This app provides the protection from all the possible threats and misshapes like increase the chance to recovery your device in case of theft or lost and also deals with the Virus issues i.e. malware etc. so yo can call this app an all-rounder that provides you the services in the variant meaning. This device enable the user to prevent the unauthorized access by locking the device remotely, so that he / she can maintain the privacy and secure the content from strangers. The shining feature of this app is that you can also control the volume of the device remotely that provides you the functionality of the scream in-dependency  This app is free for everyone, the premium member has the more administrative control. This great app provides the trial period of the two weeks even without any credit card, so you can enjoy this trial period for free in real scene.

Download this app from here: Google Play

Now I think your Android device is more secure than ever, so enjoy these tips and instructions and maintain the privacy and security of your Android device. The Appsteller is always is committed for the betterment of Our reader. Remain connected with the for the latest apps reviews and suggestions.

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