How to Use Instagram on Android Phone

The Instagram is available on both Android and iOS platforms for use. This app is just like an addiction that one starts it can’t leave it and became very socialize and starts spending more time using this wonderful app. So this is very clear that many of us are well know that how to use this app and most of us may be master mind player of this app, but some may have no idea of it or may have listen about it and just start using this app and facing some problems to handle it. So this article is about those newbie’s who really want to know about the usage and that how to tackle the condition.

Start Up:

If you don’t have this app then first thing to do is to download and install this app on your Smartphone on Android or iOS. Here is the link to download this app form Google Play Store: Instagram


After successful installation you need to registered you’re self so that you can have an account. So you need to open the app here at the start up of this app you can see the option for registration, Tap on it and fill it, then Tap on the “Sign up”


Done with the registration, you need to add the friends to your friend list. After the sign up process you are in the Instagram user base and you are alone in this world, so you may feel boring, there yo have to add the people you about them, so search for the Facebook users that are also using the Instagram, yo are required to tap on the option of “Facebook Friends” in order to add the friends, but before this you are also required to Sign Up into your Facebook account, now you can easily add any one being already added to your contact list.

You have one more option that if you doesn’t want to add the FB users you may leave above stated step and can go for the users that Instagram suggests you.

Home Screen:

After the process of adding the friends to your contact list, you are here on the instagram Home Screen. Here you can find the following interface;

Home that shows you your friend’s stream

Explore that will take you to the most popular images collection

Bubble is used for the saying or just like NEWS any of you may want to spread or pass on

Camera help you in capturing the new Photo or you can add already captured one

Notification Section for notifications

So now you are well known about the interfaces of this addiction, let’s start, but you need to have the picture. You can take a fresh one or can upload any of the already captured or anyone from the gallery. After uploading the picture you are guided towards the new section where you can apply the new filters.


So you have done with the filters, this is the time to upload the image you have added to show the same to the world. This app provides the option, so that you can add the caption or tag to your Picture. You have the option to launch the picture on the social sites from the list, but don’t forget to sign in to all the social sites you want that your picture to be appeared before you upload your picture.


Now you are free to use this app. Enjoy this world of more than 100 million users. Share your gorgeous and attractive photos. You can share the photos to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare. Stay in touch with your friends and family members by giving and receiving the comments and likes. Be sure that you have Android 2.2 or later version.

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